3 Color Therapy and the Planets

Each planet relates to a certain color of the cosmic rays that serve to make up our auras or energy fields. The influence of each planet can be increased by exposure to its corresponding color, or decreased by exposure to opposite colors.

Color therapy is particularly good for targeting emotional and psychological imbalances but can be used for physical diseases, particularly those involving the blood, nerves or reproductive system. Many fiery Pitta disorders (infections and inflammations) can be reduced by the usage of cooling colors like blue, white and green.

Color therapy is also the foundation for Vedic gem therapy and its principles should first be learned before prescribing gems. The basic colors of the planets are:

• VENUS-White (transparent)

The red color of Mars is an opaque, dark or blood red, while that of the Sun is bright or transparent red. The Moon relates to white like snow or opaque white, while Venus is lighter white or transparent (which may be tinged a little with blue). Venus also rules variegated or rainbow-like colors, which are produced by reflecting light through a transparent stone. Jupiter in its higher quality is golden. Saturn in its lower quality is dark, and also black. In its higher quality it is more like a sky blue or azure.

The lunar nodes can also be related to special colors outside the ordinary spectrum: Ketu is infrared, while Rahu is ultraviolet. Rahu is also smoky or black; Ketu a bright red or orange. Rahu has a shadowy effect, while Ketu produces a strange illumination around things.

Generally, pure shades of the different colors will increase the higher influences of the planets, while coarse shades will increase their negativity. For example, dark colors like black or gray will increase the negative side of Saturn, while deep blue will increase its positive energy.

Astrological color therapy can be applied by using colors that are opposite to the colors of the planets, in order to counter their excess. We need to be careful in our choice of colors because we gravitate towards the colors of the planets that dominate us, which can be negative. For example, individuals under the influence of dark planets like Saturn and Rahu tend to live in dark places and wear dark clothes, which increases the malefic power of these planets. To counter this negative influence, they should live in a bright environment and surround themselves with bright colors. Those under the influence of hot planets, like Mars, Ketu and the Sun, should avoid too much bright color and light, particularly warm colors like red and orange.

Yet in addition to the principle of using opposite colors in order to balance excessive influences, color therapy can also be applied by directly using the planet's own color to strengthen the influence of weak planets or to otherwise augment the power of the planets one wants to strengthen. To increase Venus energy, for example, bright, variegated and pastel colors are good. To develop a higher Saturnian detachment, dark blue is good. For a positive, creative and stimulating Jupiterian energy, yellow or gold are helpful. For a soothing and calming lunar energy, the color white works well.

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