2The Moon

The Moon indicates the basic emotional state of a person, their feeling nature. This is revealed astrologically by the Moon sign, the house location of the Moon, planetary aspects or influences on the Moon, and the extent to which the Moon is waxing or waning.

A strong Moon endows a person with a strong and steady emotional nature that will aid them in all endeavors in life. A weak Moon will make one prey to emotional disturbances and imbalances, and can cancel or render ineffective the other strengths and benefits in the chart. Generally a strong Moon will bring out the positive effects of the Moon sign, while a weak Moon will reflect its weaknesses.

In Vedic astrology, the Moon sign is used for personal indications— such as given in daily and monthly astrological forecasts in newspa pers—rather than the Sun sign as is the case with western astrology. The term Jan-ma Rashi or 'Birth Sign' refers to the Moon sign. The term Janma Lagna means Birth Ascendant or the rising sign. The Vedic system also considers transits from the Moon as much as it does transits from the Ascendant because these show how events affect us personally. Transits from the Ascendant more clearly show outer effects or material results.

The qualities of the Moon sign reflect not only the planet ruling that sign but also the nature of the particular house that the Moon rules relative to the sign it happens to be located in. (For this, we count the Moon sign itself as the first house.)

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