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Birth Chart Navamsha


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ASC su

Nov. 27,1940, 07 12 AM, San Francisco CA, 112W25, 37N47

Ascendant - 13° 10' Scor

Sun - 12° 12' Scorpio

Moon - 18° 22' Libra

Mars-11° 31'Libra

Mercury - 22° 14' Libra-

Jupiter - 14° 30' Aries Rx

Venus - 08° 19' Libra

Saturn - 16° 27' Aries Rx

Rahu - 14° 57' Virgo

Ketu - 14° 57' Pisces

Planetary Periods

Birth - Rahu/Moon

Jupiter - Feb. 10, 1943

Saturn - Rb. 10, 1959

Death - Saturn/Rahu

Bruce Lee was a famous martial artist and actor, one of the first and prototypal of that genre, who died suddenly and mysteriously in his early thirties. His occupation and life-style, centered around fighting and even involvement with the criminal underworld, was quite Pitta. Not surprisingly, Scorpio, the secretive sign of Mars marks the Ascendant, with the Sun, a Pitta planet and powerful tenth lord located there. This Sun in Scorpio marks his strong personality and his physical type.

However, the chart reveals a secretive and troubled psychology. Mars, along with a waning Moon, Venus and Mercury are located in the twelfth house of loss. Opposite is a debilitated and retrograde Saturn, about three degrees from its maximum point of debility at twenty degrees Aries, along with a retrograde Jupiter. The sixth-house/twelfth house axis of health and disease is highly activated and dominated by the two malefics Mars and Saturn. His apparently strong and outgoing Sun in the first house is limited by these hidden influences. Saturn aspects both the sixth house and its lord (Mars) and the eighth house and its lord (Mercury), the two main factors of longevity.

There is some doubt whether Lee died of a brain disease or was somehow murdered. Of course in astrology the sixth is both the house of disease and the house of enemies, making this question not an easy factor to determine. For Scorpio Ascendant, Mars also rules both the first house of the self and the sixth house of enemies. But the many sixth and twelfth house planets could easily indicate some mysterious and sudden disease. In any case, with a twelfth house dominated chart (Venus as the twelfth lord is also the final dispositor); such a life was unlikely to last long or maintain its visibility. The strong first house is easily eclipsed by a stronger twelfth house*

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