14 Audrey Hepburn Vata

Birth Chart Navamsha















May 4, 1929, 03 00 AM, Ixelles BE, 04E22, 50N50

Ascendant - 05° 45 Aqua.

Sun - 20° 15 Aries

Moon - 13° 35' Aqua.

Mars - 02° 17' Cancer

Mercury - 07° 27' Taurus

Jupiter - 27° 53' Aries

Venus - 29° 55' Pisces Rx

Saturn - 07° 10' Sag. Rx

Rahu - 28° 52' Aries

Ketu - 28° 52' Libra

Planetary Periods

Birth - Rahu/Mercury

Jupiter - Dec. 30, 1937

Saturn - Dec. 30, 1953

Mercury - Dec 30, 1972

Ketu - Dec. 30, 1989

Death - Ketu/Rahu

Audrey Hepburn is another typical Vata constitution actress - thin, expressive, sensitive, creative and enthusiastic. Aquarius, an air sign ruled by Saturn rises, along with the Moon. Saturn aspects both the Ascendant and the Moon. The Moon under such Saturn influences, waning and not far from the Sun does not bring much Kapha into the chart, making Vata dosha her Ayurvedic type.

However, Hepburn has an exalted Venus in the second house of the face and of speech, giving her both facial beauty and acting ability. Venus is the strongest planet in the chart for her expression but cannot counter Saturn's influence on her physical body.

The Moon as the lord of the sixth house of disease weakens the health by its placement in the first house. Both Mars and Saturn, the two prime malefics, aspect the first house and the Moon with no ben-efic aspects to counter them. The result of this is that her chart reflects some weakness in her health, and Hepburn came down with colon cancer and died in her early sixties. Saturn's rulership over the excretory organs and its role in causing degenerative diseases like cancer is reflected in her chart.

Mars is located in the sixth house of disease. While such placement of malefic planets in the sixth house is normally good for health (under the rule that malefics generally do well in upachaya houses, which include the sixth), Mars does aspect both the sixth house and its lord (the Moon) and is debilitated, bringing a negative side to its effects. This makes its influence disease-causing and reducing of longevity.

Hepburn died in her Ketu period. Ketu's period in general can cause disease and death. Ketu acts like the lord of the house it is positioned in, here acting as Venus, a maraka (death-dealing) planet. In the ninth house, it can bring misfortune into the life. For her type of chart, I would probably recommend an emerald, the gemstone of Mercury, which is the only angular benefic placed in the chart.

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