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Neptune was last in Taurus from 1874 to 1887. It was the era of the first experimental cars, the Daimler-Benz engine, the bicycle, Edison's incandescent lamp and phonograph and the telephone. It brought the first Woolworth five-and-ten-cent store, as well as a financial panic.

If you were born with Neptune in Taurus, you have an aesthetic approach to the sciences and the arts; you respond to music and beauty, yet you also have innate business sense, a great need for security and can be easily misled by others. With aspects to Pluto you might have healing powers. Difficult aspects to Neptune may lead to a preoccupation with material assets or self-deception and carelessness in your handling of money.

Industrialist Walter P. Chrysler, medical missionary Albert Schweitzer, Muslim leader Aga Khan, dancer Isadora Duncan, President Herbert Hoover.

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