Y He Neptune In Virgo

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Neptune last transited Virgo from 1929 to 1943. During this era the world experienced the Teapot Dome scandal over U.S. oilfields, the Stock Market Crash, the repeal of prohibition, entry into the atomic age, the dropping of the gold standard, the passing of the Social Security Act, World War II and race riots. The aerosol spray, computers, electric shavers, FM broadcasting and radar were invented during this period. The depression of the 1930's thwarted some of the creative and imaginative faculties of people born during this transit.

If you were born with Neptune in Virgo you have new concepts about health and conditions of employment. You are among the first generation to accept psychiatry as part of your daily life. You probably experience a strong pull between reason and emotion, and may have trouble accepting responsibilities, which may lead to escape through drugs or other psychedelic means. With difficult aspects, you may have breakdowns and neuroses. You are critical and may be quick to tear down the old without having something new to replace it with. However, you may also be a great humanitarian and fight for worthwhile causes.

Actress Jane Fonda, musician John Lennon, conductor Zubin Mehta, artist Andy Warhol, filmmaker Peter Bogdanovich.

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