Vh Venus In Virgo

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You are neat, even clinical, in your personal appearance and approach. You tend to analyze everything you do, and you may take every emotion apart until you have destroyed any natural or spontaneous feelings. With Venus in Virgo you may marry late or stay single, yet you have very good relations with your friends and co-workers. It is difficult for you to give of yourself emotionally; you'd rather share work interests or intellectual pursuits with others. Soft-spoken, undemonstrative and shy, you have sympathy for the underdog. You can be a good nurse or doctor, and you are very interested in health or hygiene. With difficult aspects, this position can reverse itself. Instead of shying away from love, you may pursue sex as an obsession; instead of being neat and clean, you may be slovenly and crude; instead of being hardworking, you may be lazy and secretive.

Actress Brigitte Bardot, actress Sophia Loren, labor leader Walter Reuther, comedian Will Rogers, Russian mystic Crigori Rasputin, filmmaker Dino DeLaurentiis.

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