Vh Uranus In Virgo

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Your approach to work is original, and you have enough practicality to gain most people's acceptance. This is the age of computers; technical advances will be right up your alley. Those born when Uranus was last in Virgo (from 1962 to 1968) are still too young to have proven themselves and revealed their potential, but Uranus's entrance into this sign brought on renewed interest in ecology, natural foods and so on. Your nature is studious, inventive and humane; you are a good teacher. Your down-to-earth approach and ability to analyze and discriminate are helpful in bringing about needed changes. Those born during this time period are builders. With difficult aspects you may tend to get involved in too many cults, or you may have unusual health problems. Uranus was also in Virgo from 1877 to 1884.

Presidents Harry S. Truman and Franklin D. Roosevelt, physicist A Ibert Einstein, First Lady Eleanor Roosevelt, artist Pablo Picasso.

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