Venus In The Twelfth House

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You are kind, compassionate, charitable, sympathetic to others and often deeply inspired. You enjoy secluded places and you need time each day to recharge your batteries. Although the undercurrents of your life are smooth, you feel a compelling need to serve. Drawn to the occult, you like to probe the deeper meanings of life and love. Basically shy and easily hurt, you may have secret love affairs. You are quite resigned when in trouble. With challenging aspects you may love a person who is not free or suffer setbacks in your love life or experience the frustrations of divorce. Actor Gregory Peck, Prime Minister Benjamin Disraeli, singer Peggy Lee, writer James Hilton.

Venus in Aspect

Any aspect to Venus should be thought of as affecting the love nature.

The conjunction emphasizes the affections and love nature. The opposition shows your awareness or unawareness of your feelings towards others.

The square challenges your affections and feelings. The trine or the sextile lends flow and ease in feeling love and affection.

The inconjunct suggests that an adjustment is needed in order to realize your feelings.


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