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Although you may lack self-confidence and need a lot of solitude, you are able to integrate the subconscious part of your nature. Your life before thirty may be somewhat restricted. Some kind of work in institutions, charities, labor or research appeals to you, although you usually prefer to work behind the scenes. This is often the placement for actors, since actors can hide their real feelings by playing a role. If there are difficult aspects, you may be your own worst enemy; you must learn to serve and should not let yourself wallow in self-pity. The Sun in the twelfth house operates like the Sun in Pisces; this placement depends more on the total horoscope than any of the other Sun placements. Writer Zelda Fitzgerald, Secretary of State Henry Kissinger, newspaper publisher William Randolph Hearst, labor leader James Hoffa, TV personality Paul Lynde, comedian Jim Backus.

The Sun in Aspect

Any aspect to the Sun stresses the inner self, the personality and the ego. '

The conjunction emphasizes the self.

The opposition gives self-awareness or awareness of someone else.

The square challenges the ego and creates tension on the personality level.

The trine gives the personality an opportunity to flow harmoniously.

The sextile makes it easy for the ego to express itself.

The inconjunct tells you that an adjustment must be made before the inner self can express itself positively.


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