Sun In The Seventh House

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Partnership is your keynote and you function best when working with someone else. However, you must learn that your partner's wishes are as important as your own. Because you are easy to get along with, you are popular and well-liked. Marriage is important to you, and you will profit through any partnership or union. If there are difficult aspects, this placement can bring notoriety. Usually you are lucky in any dealings with the law or courts. The Sun in the seventh house and the Sun in Libra work in very much the same way. Actress Jean Harlow, murder cult leader Charles Manson, actress Carole Lombard, singer Mick Jagger, actor Clint Eastwood, Lieutenant William Calley.

SUN IN THE EIGHTH HOUSE keyword regenerative

This is a very political placement; you are able to attract the support of other people. You may have an inheritance, a legacy, or perhaps you manage other people's money. You are very creative, and sex is important to you. Intent on self-improvement, you can be interested in occult fields and in issues of life after death. You might have difficulties in your early life, linked somehow to your father. With challenging aspects, you could have financial trouble either through mismanagement or an extravagant partner. The Sun in the eighth house takes on many overtones of the Sun in Scorpio. President Harry S. Truman, President John F. Kennedy, poet Lord Byron, financier John D. Rockefeller Sr., heiress Barbara Hutton, financial writer Sylvia Porter.

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