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The square involves two planets that are 90°, or three signs, apart. The orb we allow for squares is 7

The potential of any chart lies in its squares. If you do not understand them they can be stumbling blocks, but if you handle them wisely they can be stepping stones or building blocks. Action and decision are the essence of any square. It is important to note whether the square is cardinal, fixed or mutable. In cardinal squares the action is quick; in fixed squares the action is slow and deliberate, and in mutable squares the action is variable, depending to a great extent on the influences of others. This follows from the attributes which we learned in lesson 1.

A T-square or T-cross involves three planets, where two of the planets are in opposition.

Before we proceed, we would like to insert a brief note about how to read a string of aspects, like the T-square given in the following example. When reading a string of aspects always read each aspect as an aspect to the first planet listed, in this case the Sun. Thus we would read this aspect:

The Sun at 15° Aquarius squares Jupiter at 19° Scorpio, and (the Sun) is in opposition to Neptune at 16° Leo, forming a T-square. In the diagram below, you can see where the name comes from, because the configuration resembles a T.

A grand cross or grand square involves four planets, with two pairs in opposition. Again, this name becomes obvious when you look at the configuration below. Note that all four °f the signs involved in a given quality are represented. For ex ample: Mars at 20° Taurus squares Neptune at 21° Leo, squares the Sun at 20 ° Aquarius and is in opposition to Jupiter at 18° Scorpio.

Here the Sun opposes Neptune, and both square Jupiter and Mars, with Jupiter and Mars also opposing each other. This is a grand cross in fixed signs. The configuration in the horoscope would look like this:

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