Sf Neptune In Scorpio

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Neptune was in Scorpio from 1956 to 1970 and previously from 1792 to 1806. This is the generation of the Berlin Wall, Sputnik, the first man on the Moon, Castro, the first sit-ins, the Vietnam War, civil rights marches, heart transplants, polio vaccines, the laser beam, quasars, hippies and the drug culture.

If you were born with Neptune in Scorpio, you are investigative, magnetic, emotional and possessed of great regenerative powers. The intensity with which you attack anything leads to new approaches in painting, literature, religion, politics and all facets of life. If Neptune is afflicted, it may produce black magic, obsessions, treachery and peculiar sex practices, especially if you have challenging aspects to Venus or Mars.

Artist Michelangelo, poet Heinrich Heine, writer George Sand, religious leader Brigham Young, runaway slave Dred Scott.

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