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quality mutable element fire principle active ruler Jupiter anatomy hips, thighs, key phrase I understand glyph natural sign of opposite sign upper leg archer's arrow ninth house Gemini n positive characteristics straightforward philosophical freedom-loving broadminded athletic generous optimistic just religious scholarly enthusiastic keyword visualization negative , ,.

characteristics argumentative exaggerative talkative procrastinating self-indulgent blunt impatient a gambler pushy hot-headed

Aquarius 17

YS CAPRICORN (the seagoat)

quality cardinal giyph seagoat's horn element earth and tail principle passive natural sign of tenth house ruler Saturn h opposite sign Cancer s anatomy knees and lower leg key phrase I USe positive characteristics CaUtlOUS

responsible scrupulous conventional businesslike perfectionist traditional practical hardworking economical serious keyword ambition negative characteristics egotistic domineering unforgiving fatalistic the mind rules the heart stubborn brooding inhibited status-seeking

AQUARIUS (the water-bearer)

quality fixed element air principle active ruier Uranus $ anatomy the ankles key phrase I know positive . . .

characteristics independent inventive tolerant individualistic progressive artistic scientific logical humane intellectual altruistic giyph waves of water or electricity natural sign of eleventh house opposite sign Leo SI

keyword imagination negative , .

characteristics unpredictable temperamental bored by detail cold too fixed in opinions shy eccentric radical impersonal rebellious

X PISCES (the fish)

quality mutable element Water principle passive ruler Neptune y anatomy the feet key phrase I believe positive characteristics Compassionate charitable sympathetic emotional sacrificing intuitive introspective musical artistic giyph two fish tied together natural sign of twelfth house opposite sign VirgO iTJ

keyword understanding negative characteristics procrastinating over-talkative melancholy pessimistic emotionally inhibited timid impractical indolent often feels misunderstood

Dual Planetary Rulerships of Signs

Reading the preceding description of the signs, you probably noticed that both Taurus and Libra are ruled by Venus, and both Gemini and Virgo are ruled by Mercury. Originally, when only the Sun, Moon and five planets, Mercury, Venus, Mars, Jupiter and Saturn, were known, each was given the rulership over two signs. While the Sun and Moon are technically known as luminaries, they are commonly referred to as planets. The Sun ruled only Leo, and the Moon ruled only Cancer. However, Mars ruled both Aries and Scorpio; Jupiter ruled both Sagittarius and Pisces; and Saturn ruled both Capricorn and Aquarius.

As the outer planets (Uranus, Neptune and Pluto) were discovered, they were given the rulership of Aquarius, Pisces, and Scorpio respectively after careful observation and study. However, to this day, Jupiter is considered to be a sub-ruler of Pisces, Saturn a sub-ruler of Aquarius, and Mars a co-ruler of Scorpio.. In the future, if astronomers discover two more planets (as many astrologers predict they will), we will probably have a planetary ruler for each sign.

Quiz 19

There is a school of thought that says that the Earth (©) is the ruler of Taurus. Keep this in mind as a possibility to be explored further.

Quiz 1

To test your basic understanding of the material on the signs that you have studied in this lesson, here is a short quiz. Match the name of the famous person in the left column with the combination of signs and planets in the right column that best fits the famous person. You'll find the correct answers to this quiz in the Appendix on page 281.


William Shakespeare (writer)







Florence Nightingale (nurse)







Robert Peary (explorer)







Leonardo Da Vinci (artist)





As a further test, to make sure that you have absorbed the materials in lessons 1 and 2, please do the following true-false test. The answers to these questions will be found in the Appendix on page 283.

1. Aries: I think

2. Cancer: ruled by Venus

3. Virgo: rules the intestines

4. Scorpio: intensity

5. Pisces: eleventh sign

6. Taurus: I believe

7. Aquarius: I know

9. Cancer: rules the knees

10. Capricorn: I use

11. Libra: rules the kidneys

12. Virgo: I analyze

13. Gemini: ruled by Mercury

14. Sagittarius: the archer

15. Pisces: understanding

16. Aries: activity

17. Aquarius: harmony

18. Taurus: ruled by Jupiter

19. Capricorn: ambition

20. Gemini: I understand

21. Libra: I feel

22. Cancer: fourth sign

23. Aries: rules the feet

24. Capricorn: imagination

25. Aquarius: versatility

26. Leo: rules the heart

27. Scorpio: seventh sign

28. Taurus: I have

29. Sagittarius: I balance

30. Pisces: ruled by Saturn

31. Aries: ruled by Pluto

32. Scorpio: I desire

33. Virgo: rules the thighs

34. Libra: opposite of Taurus

35. Capricorn: practical

See if you can provide the correct answer for every question that you have marked false. The correct answers will be found in the Appendix on page 283.

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