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The dreamer of the zodiac, you are compassionate, tolerant, kind and loving. You are easily influenced by others because you don't want to hurt anyone. It is hard for you to make decisions and you need to overcome your desire to escape from anything that is difficult. Creative, spiritual and often mystical, at times you can be indolent and impractical. You may seem to lack self-confidence, but in your own quiet way you accomplish a great deal. Charming and likeable, you are good to those in distress and are fond of animals. Pisces, more than any other sign, will draw its strength or weakness from the rest of the horoscope.

Poet Edna St. Vincent Millay, poet Elizabeth Browning, dancer Rudolf Nureyev, dancer Cyd Charisse, actor Sidney Poitier, consumer advocate Ralph Nader.

The preceding notes also apply to the sign on the Ascendant. When delineating the Sun, you must not only consider the sign but also the house it is placed in. For example, the Sun in Gemini in the eighth house will express itself with Scorpio overtones, while the Sun in Gemini in the tenth house will have a Capricorn approach, in addition to Gemini characteristics. However, with the sign Gemini on the Ascendant (the cusp of the first house) the true Gemini personality will be evident.

The Sun in the Houses

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