Mercury in the twelfth house

keyword inward-conscious

You are good at analyzing other people's problems; you are interested in the psychic realms, and your thinking can be secretive. Your mind is subtle, and you like to work in seclusion. At times you may have trouble expressing yourself. You lack self-confidence but hide your insecurity; you need to guard against living in a dream world. You base your decisions on feelings rather than on reason. If your Mercury is close to the Ascendant it will take on a first house feeling, so you would be very communicative and less introverted. With difficult aspects you may have had reading problems as a child, or you might have had an extraordinary childhood; perhaps you were raised in a foster home, orphanage or boarding school.

Evangelist Billy Graham, counter culture leader Timothy Leary, composer Johannes Brahms, writer Ernest Hemingway.

Mercury in Aspect

Any aspects to Mercury should be thought of as mental. The conjunction gives mental emphasis. The opposition gives mental awareness or unawareness. The square creates mental tension. The trine and sextile give mental flow and ease. The inconjunct suggests a mental adjustment to be made.


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