Lesson 17 Pluto

General Comments

There is only one planet left to learn about, small but powerful Pluto.

Pluto is the farthest planet from the Sun. First found in 1930, it is the last planet discovered so far. It is too small to be seen with the naked eye, and it is even difficult to photograph with powerful modern telescopes.

Pluto's orbit is the most eccentric in our solar system and its motion is the slowest of any of the planets. It takes approximately 248 years to travel through the zodiac; it stays in each sign anywhere from twelve to thirty-two years. Strangely enough, it stays thirty-two years in Taurus, the sign of its detriment, and twelve years in Scorpio, the sign of its dignity.

Pluto is the third of the transcendental planets. Since its motion is so slow and it is so far away from the Earth, its in-

fluence is abstract and not immediately felt by the individual. But, as with anything that takes time to develop, Pluto's eventual impact is deep and far reaching. The entrance of Pluto into a new sign leaves an imprint on an entire generation. We shall briefly describe some of the historical events of Pluto in each sign and then give you an idea of the characteristics of people born then. However, since Pluto is truly the generational planet, and its movement from one sign to the next signifies the beginning of a new generation, Pluto's house position is more personal; it indicates and gives insight into the role you may be destined to play.

Pluto represents both the reforming and the destroying urges. It rules our deepest subconscious and because it embodies the principle of transformation and regeneration, it can bridge the spiritual and material worlds.

After you study this lesson, please delineate Judy Garland's Pluto and check our answers in the Appendix on page 300.

Pluto in the Signs

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