Lesson 15 Uranus

Some General Comments

Our students never fail to ask us about challenging or flowing aspects. Why do we say that neither is bad or good, yet then say "With difficult aspects this position might do such and such"? A very good question!

In order to be a total person, you need some areas that are difficult to spur you on to achievement and some areas that are easy so you can enjoy life. If a planet has only challenging aspects, it is difficult to express the energies of that planet. It poses a challenge for you to overcome the stumbling block of the aspect and transform it into a stepping-stone.

If a planet has only easy or flowing aspects, you may take everything for granted and exert no effort. This is because you don't experience any stress which would require effort on your part. In this case you may not use many of your potentials, and they may be ignored or forgotten.

Ideally we look for easy and hard aspects to compensate each other.

Let's look at Judy Garland's horoscope as an example. Her Sun opposes her Mars; this is a challenging aspect, but also one that can give awareness if used positively. How can she use it positively? Through which channel? She has a sextile from her Sun to Neptune. This gives her the opportunity to use her creative talents. The drive and action of Mars can be used through the sextile of the Sun to Neptune. Without this opposition, she might squander that talent because there would be no stress or tension to push her into creativity.

To summarize, the challenges or tensions of the more difficult aspects should be channeled through the flow of the easier aspects.

Now, please familiarize yourself with the material in this lesson on Uranus; then delineate Judy Garland's Uranus. Our delineation is on page 298 in the Appendix.

Uranus represents the freedom urge. It is the planet of individualism, originality, awakening and breaking with tradition. It is the first of the so-called transcendental planets. Uranus stays in a sign for approximately seven years. Because it appears in the same sign for so many people, its house position is more important in describing attitudes and traits than its sign position.

Uranus in the Signs

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