H X Saturn In Pisces

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Imaginative, in fact sometimes too imaginative, you tend to live in the past and may have difficulties dealing with the present. You have great emotional understanding and humility and a willingness to work with and for the underdog. Your perception of others is well developed, but you lack insight into yourself tending to underestimate your own worth. You need quiet and solitude to discover your many abilities; you would especially do well in the fields of literature, research or metaphysics. You may enjoy working behind the scenes, or you could find yourself in a large institution like a hospital, university or government agency. You take life too seriously and react emotionally. Guard against self-pity which can lead to depression, and try to practice emotional detachment. Difficult aspects can lead to excessive worry, psychosomatic illnesses and neurotic tendencies.

Psychic Edgar Cayce, writer Fran├žoise Sagan, actress Jane Fonda, poet Anne Morrow Lindbergh, TV personality Tom Snyder.

Saturn in the Houses

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