D nj Moon In Virgo

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You respond to encouragement and appreciation, and you have a deep hunger for sharing experiences and self-realization with others. However, this makes you emotionally overeager; you may be prone to dictating the course of all your relationships. You are insistent and you can even be petulant. You are generous with your'time and service; you want to serve people, but you have trouble understanding their feelings. You want what you want and just the way you want it.

This placement of the Moon emphasizes your mental qualities, but here the restless mental qualities of Gemini are replaced by steadiness and practicality. You don't value knowledge for its own sake, but you seek it in order to use and apply it. Your memory is excellent. You analyze and criticize all sense impressions with care. This is not the most sexual position for the Moon.

You have a fondness for science and/or the occult. You can be clairvoyant or psychometric, and you have great intuitive abilities if you choose to develop them.

You can be temperamental at times. You prefer to earn everything by your mental ability and your fertile imagination. Despite the Virgo tendency to be picky and argumentative, you appear quiet, shy and unpretentious. Although you are basically proper and conservative, your religious inclinations surface in a broad-minded way. With this mutable Moon, you have many acquaintances, frequent changes in your life and numerous short trips.

You are an excellent teacher. You do not ask personal questions unless necessary, and your curiousity only surfaces in relation to work and practical affairs. Interested in diet, health and hygiene, you have a tendency to worry and to develop a nervous disposition; your digestion may suffer as a result. This is often known as the "medicine chest Moon."

You are shrewd, with good business sense and meticulous attention to detail. You could do very well in psychoanalysis or diagnosis of any kind. You should try to counteract fussiness or a lack of self-confidence.

This position of the Moon in a woman's chart often indicates emotional insecurity which expresses itself as a lack of warmth and at times inhibition. In a man's chart it attracts a detached, nonclinging mate, because he does not want emotional demands made upon him.

Your mother may seem critical and cool to you. Princess Anne, writer Gertrude Stein, writer William Faulkner, botanist Luther Burbank, actor Dustin Hoffman.

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