Cf Opposition

angle 180°

indicates awareness outreach balance cooperation conflict

The opposition involves two planets that are 180° or six signs apdrt. The allowable orb is 7°.

This is the widest possible aspect. Its potential value is to develop perspective and awareness. Oppositions show opposing factors at work, which complement each other when reconciled. They present challenges just as squares do, but a different tvpe of challenge. An opposition involves

recognizing a lack within yourself and using the polarity of the two signs to meet that lack. Imbalance then becomes balance. Reconciliation of the opposing forces is usually achieved through awareness and understanding.

For example: Mercury at 16° Gemini opposing Mars at 11 ° Sagittarius:

In this example we see that the mind (Mercury) is quick, clever, literary, expressive and curious (Gemini) but lacks idealism, broadmindedness, and a philosophical approach (Sagittarius). By the same token, the energies (Mars) are directed in fields that involve philosophy or higher education and things are done with enthusiasm and optimism (Sagittarius). However, the intellectuality and ability to express in clever, witty or literary ways is lacking (Gemini). Thus, when this person learns to use the Gemini/Sagittarius polarity, creating a balance of the opposite poles through increased awareness, this aspect will become constructive and useful.

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