Cf Conjunction

indicates emphasis inauguration intensification concentration new activity

A conjunction is two or three planets located within an orb of 7 Usually the planets are all within the same sign, but occasionally they are found in adjacent signs. For example: Venus at 28 ° Aries conjunct Mars at 30 Taurus. In this case the orb is 5°.

The principle characteristic of a conjunction is that it gives more emphasis to a sign, since two or more planets are involved. The action of a conjunction is direct, and it affects you on an outer and obvious level.

Conjunctions are considered favorable or unfavorable depending on the specific planets involved. When you realize that these planets are merely a focus of activity, then there is nothing necessarily good or bad about them. For example, Jupiter shows expansive growth, and Saturn's function is orderly, limiting and crystallizing. Whether the conjunction of these planets is favorable or not depends on what is doing the growing and what is being limited or restricted. The expanding of a tumor is unfavorable; the same tumor being restricted is beneficial. The growth or expansion of a career is beneficial, but of course the limitation or restriction of a career is unfavorable.

A group of three or more planets in conjunction is called a stellium. A stellium creates its own action, and greatly emphasizes the sign and house in which it occurs.

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