angle 120°

indicates flow and ease idealism inspiration harmony indolence

The trine involves two planets that are 120° or four signs apart. The allowable orb is 7°.

The trines are generally favorable. A trine permits easy interaction between two planets, but there is also no compulsion to use the planets advantageously, because there is no stress or tension here. Trines are not always a positive aspect; they may contribute to a tendency to choose the line of least resistance, or they may cause indolence. Trines go with the natural flow of things; they indicate natural creativity, talent, the ability to express things easily and pleasures. A trine might be compared to the fun of skiing downhill while the square might be compared to the struggle to climb the hill. Look at the sense of accomplishment when you reach the top of the hill and look back upon what you have conquered. On the other hand, the trine shows the joy of life and the love of living. Both of these aspects are parts of life.

A grand trine involves three planets about 120° apart (using a 7 °orb) with all three planets in the same element. For example the Moon at 12° Sagittarius trines Mercury at 10° Aries and Neptune at 16° Leo. Mercury and Neptune are also trine each other; thus these three planets form a grand trine.

As you can see, all three fire signs are present, and we refer to this grand trine as a grand fire trine.

indicates adjustment angle 150°

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