9 Venus In Aquarius

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You are cool, calm, collected, friendly, popular and unselfish. You prefer liking many to loving one. You live by your own rules and regulations, regardless of how unacceptable these may be to society. Your romantic attractions are often sudden, but they are not always lasting. Your partner must be a friend as well as a lover, from whom you seek mental stimulation and plenty of variety. Not possessive yourself, you will shy away from anyone who might want to tie you down. You are intuitive, and you function well with friends and in groups. You are interested in new art forms, legal reforms and technical endeavors. With difficult aspects you may be aloof, cold, stubborn and may crave eccentric sexual experiences. Artist Paul Cezanne, singer Janice Joplin, nutritionist Adelle Davis, scientist Linus Pauling, astronaut John Glenn.

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