9 He Pluto In Virgo

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Pluto was last in Virgo from 1957 to 1971 and previously from 1708 to 1723. These periods marked tremendous changes in labor and industrialization. Computers came into their own, which totally changed work patterns. New medical discoveries revolutionized the practice of medicine; the birth control pill changed our attitudes toward sex. The realization of dangers inherent in food additives brought a return to natural nourishment, home gardens and vitamins. This was the time of teacher and student strikes and the demands of racial minorities for equal opportunity. This period also brought the first manned space flights. When Pluto was last in Virgo, Reaumur and Fahrenheit invented the thermometer, a very Virgoan invention.

On the personal level, this placement makes you analytical, inventive, technical and perfectionist. You have ability in medicine, psychiatry and business. You can also be puritanical and overly critical.

Writer Samuel Johnson, cabinetmaker Thomas Chippendale, poet Thomas Gray, writer Horace Walpole, philosopher Jean-Jacques Rousseau.

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