77 Venus Inconjunct Pluto

You need to learn moderation in your relationships. You experience stress with the opposite sex, sometimes to the point where you shy away from them totally, suppressing your intense love nature. You may have religious inclinations and believe in the occult and life after death. With your sharp tongue and mind, you have excellent communication abilities in writing or speaking.

Playwright Noel Coward, baseball player Ty Cobb.

Some General Comments

Before you start lesson 12 we would like to explain the little Rx symbol that looks like a doctor's prescription which appears next to the symbol for Mars in Judy Garland's chart. That same Rx is also next to the symbol for Mercury. This symbol signifies that the planet is in retrograde motion or apparently moving backwards as seen from Earth.

For now, it is enough that you know what the symbol means. Be assured that your not knowing its full working potential in a chart will not really affect your delineation of Judy Garland's Mercury or Mars.

You may also have noticed that Cancer is on the cusp of both the first and second houses and that Capricorn is on the seventh and eighth houses. Within the fifth and eleventh houses Scorpio and Taurus are inserted in parenthesis. This sign in parenthesis is called an interception since it is in-

tercepted or contained within a house even though the sign itself is not on the cusp of any house.

The interception is arrived at mathematically. When you learn the mathematics of erecting a chart, you will understand how this happens. In your future studies you will learn its meaning in a chart. But as with retrograde motion, interception is not a basic factor in interpreting a horoscope.

Please proceed with lesson 12 with this in mind. After you have studied Mars in more detail, go on to delineate Judy Garland's Mars. Our interpretation can be found in the Appendix on page 294.

Mars in the Signs

Mars shows your sexual drive and where you expend your energy. The keyword for Mars in the different signs shows the type of energy expended.

cTT MARS IN ARIES keyword dynamic dignity

You are vigorous, independent, dominant, autocratic and courageous. Routine bores you; it is difficult for you to compromise. Aggressive and full of initiative, you like to be in the driver's seat. Your enthusiasm is contagious, and you are often a community leader. Success is yours if you learn to channel your energy and to develop patience and sympathetic understanding. You are strong and ardent sexually. With challenging aspects you may experience uncontrolled desires, a hot temper and irritability.

Singer Ella Fitzgerald, filmmaker Orson Welles, actor Paul Newman, golfer Jack Nicklaus, football player Joe Namath.

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