3 Moon In Sagittarius

keyword emotionally idealistic You are socially naive and blissfully unaware of real human differences. You react to others as if they were part of vourself; you tend to merge and melt into them.

You need and want to do everything with everybody, and you are open and friendly as a puppy. You have a keen prophetic and inspirational sense; you are always searching, restless and often lack continuity.

Your sense impressions are clear and more accurate than in nearly any other sign; thus your judgment is acute. But you should learn to think before you speak.

Your mind resents confusion and it will reject anything irrelevant to the issue at hand. When you do focus, it is on one thing only, to the point of seeming to have a one-track mind. Unsettled in both mind and body, you need activity and physical exercise. You have a need to roam and are fond of sports, both as a participant and an observer.

You have strong psychic and occult tendencies, and you are more sensitive than your free and breezy attitude reveals. You are a natural teacher or preacher, with a talent for religion, philosophy, poetry and music. You like to help others.

You have a high degree of independence, a need for freedom and a tendency to be somewhat offhand. You must counteract carelessness and recklessness with tact and thoughtfulness.

A man's Moon in Sagittarius may indicate a late marriage, bachelorhood or philandering. It may also mean early baldness. It can make a woman too independent and even footloose.

Your mother, or so it seems to you, lived her own life and left you pretty much to your own devices, but she generously supplied what she felt you needed.

Opera singer Joan Sutherland, President Gerald Ford, ice skater Dick Button, physicist Albert Einstein, singer Bing Crosby.

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