3 b Moon In Taurus

keyword emotionally stable exaltation

Centered in the material plane, your emotions are attracted to material comforts and possessions. With a Taurus Moon you want the best of everything, and you rarely settle for less. The ¡Vioon is exalted in Taurus; this brings out'the reflective and steady side of the Moon and de-emphasizes the Moon's changeable side.

You will stick to your ideals through thick and thin. You are blindly faithful, sentimental, affectionate and basically timid. You may lack originality, so try not to be too fixed in your ways.

Your reactions to sense impressions are slow but strong. You have an accurate memory. You will ponder over an action for a long time, using premises, ethics and ideals, and you assimilate and act upon information in a slow and steady manner. It is difficult for you to change your mind, and you resent any interference once you have reached a decision. You are a determined person, with well developed intuition and sound judgment. You want to excel in whatever you do. You are acquisitive, not only in land, art and other possessions, but also in friendship.

Your sense of touch and taste is highly developed, and you probably have a pleasant speaking and singing voice. Fond of music, art, dancing and all things that make life more pleasureable, you need to gratify your physical appetites.

You only welcome those ideas which are compatible with your stable temperament. You may be narrow-minded, and you are conservative and conventional. Pride, laziness, jealousy and too much stubbornness must be guarded against. Once set on a course, you forge ahead slowly but unswervingly.

You seldom succeed in leaving the family tradition or training and ideals that were impressed upon you by your mother with whom you are closely, though not necessarily happily, linked. You have loyal and lasting relationships in friendship, love and marriage.

This position of the Moon may indicate gardening ability. In a man's chart it attracts a loyal partner who encourages his ambitions.

Singer Glen Campbell, evangelist Billy Graham, singer Mary Martin, actor Gregory Peck, writer Oscar Wilde.

]> xr MOON IN GEMINI keyword emotionally versatile

You are interested in the intimate contact of the moment. Your emotional personality requires variety and novelty rather than duration and depth of feeling. You are generally incapable of long-sustained feelings or of undivided loyalties. Though at times you can be insensitive, your perceptions are quick and accurate. You sustain impressions through thought rather than feeling.

Your senses serve the intellect rather than the emotions. This results in an ability for dispassionate observation and reasoning. Your mind is changeable and at times chaotic, but you can assimilate an indefinite amount of detail. Being versatile and adaptable, you may have two or more vocations, often at the same time

You have a fondness for action and movement, either physical or mental. Your hands are able, facile and skillful and you have a well-developed sense of smell. You are not intuitive, but rather you are observant, quick to form impressions, and you are usually able to verbalize them.

You are drawn to artistic and literary professions or any area involving communications. A preference, even a need, to do several things at once is important for your psychological well-being. The intellectual ability of this placement often makes you an avid reader or a talented artisan.

You are reserved in personal matters, and at times others find you cold; you are more interested in the here and now than in the past. Torn apart by changing feelings, you can spread yourself too thin and scatter your forces; this can manifest in nervous tension. You know how to play up to others, and at times you may be too shrewd for your own good. Your restless nature is always in search of something new.

This position of the Moon may indicate superficiality and a lack of domesticity in a woman's chart. A man with this placement is attracted to an intellectual partner who can fit herself into any social role.

You see your mother as emotionally detached, social and versatile, yet supportive of your education and early attempts at conversation.

Actress Brigitte Bardot, dancer Fred Astaire, sculptor Auguste Rodin, artist Andy Warhol, architect Frank Lloyd Wright.

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