Free Archetype Reading Review

Free Archetype Reading

Archetype Indidualistic program is created and owned by Mettle Pte Ltd. This program works by collecting individual’s personal information used in the calculating personal archetype, discover individual's horoscope and personal elements.


The whole idea of Archetypes has its origin in ancient Greece. The name archetypes come from a Latin name which is Archean which means to begin and typos which means to model.

 Based on the Latin origin, the archetypes has its primary purpose of modeling the human personalities, motivating them and enhancing a deep-rooted observance of the core values.  Archetypes are leading in helping individuals understand about their personal life better regarding what they think, how they react to issues and they drive to succeed in life.


Archetype is an individual journey calling that helps you to live a life full of your design and helps you to unlock your real potential in life. Archetype works by first of all giving the users a chance of answering the archetype questions which most people term as the hardest part of this program. The questions answered are about the identification of your key strengths, weaknesses, competencies, hobbies, and talents.

 All this bases information on the primary and most dominant archetype. This programs also introduce you to the twelve archetypes found in individuals from different personalities in the world. This help to develop a better understanding of yourself and that of others.  Personal information is collected for all users of the program by use of advanced technology like use of cookies and log files. The personal information collected at the site is used to determine the person's archetype and to discover the individual’s horoscope.


Archetypes have for years been at the forefront of ensuring that individuals have a better understanding of themselves and also, they live a healthy life full of personal energy and high esteem. This program is for everyone, and there is no experience needed hence the program is user-friendly to ensure that everybody is involved and gets the best results for personal growth.

 Through answering the archetype questions, secrets techniques adopted by great minded persons and most famous individuals are discovered using this program hence assuring you that the process is safe and secure. This program gives a guarantee of total money refund to all individuals who feel not satisfied with the program.


This program enhances individuals in realizing their hidden potentials by following the process of individuation

  • Gives individuals the power to live the life they want
  • Helps individuals in knowing their inner self better
  • Helps individuals identify and understand their strengths and weakness
  • Through the process of individuation, you will learn how to have a self-drive in life that will help you in excelling in every aspect of life


Several self-improvement programs help you in discovering your true self and lead you to succeed in self-discovery through the individuation process. These programs include;

  1. Tarot symbol of life

The program design is in a way that helps you attain the great of tarot reading. The program consists of a step by step guide which has complete worksheets that makes you succeed in Tarot reading.

  1. Sacred archetypal collection

This is a unique program designed with a special package which contains the archetypal love compatibility guide. The love compatibility guide helps you in the journey of discovering your perfect romantic compatibility using other archetypes.

  1. Premium archetypal analysis

This program is critical as it guides you through the process of self-discovery through the use of the individuation process. The program is consisting of complete analysis with are a personalized archetypal profile that enables you to have more insights on your discovery journey.

  1. Diminishing your shadow

This analysis is unique as they bring out your archetype shadow which is your hidden personality, suppressed personal traits and beliefs often hidden in your inner part. This program will help you in understanding and controlling your shadow in the process of individuation.

  1. Supreme mastery code

This program seeks to address the issues of your ego. Everyone is believed to have an ergo that hinder him or her from getting into the realization of one true-self. In most cases, our egos come in the way of us achieving great things in life. This program will walk with you every step of the way and ensure that you surpass your ego and achieve greatness in life.


This program is accessible by clicking the official website which is the and registers your details to have a secure login to the archetype programs. All the data filled in during the registration is secured to ensure your privacy at all times.


The program is user-friendly as it contains straightforward step by step guide which helps you to discover your inner self. This program can be used by everyone regardless of their age, ethnicity and education levels as it does not require any experiences.

Free Archetype Reading
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