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Brain Evolution System

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Curious Mobile Hyper energetic Nervous

She usually has an abundance of nervous energy, and it may take her decades to learn to channel it properly. She tends to scatter it, to periodically wind herself up and run nearly maniacally on nerves alone. With the help of meditation or relaxation methods, body therapy, a balanced diet, and proper nutrition, she can accomplish miracles with her prodigious motor.

Appendix C Astrology Polarity Therapy

Naturally, there is no life without tension no one can deal with the material world without experiencing stress. Polarity Therapy is not based on the illusion that one can achieve a state of constant relaxation and an end to all conflicts. It is rather based on the fact that most people are capable of utilizing their energies more effectively, waste a good deal of energy merely in the effort to block the expression of some energies, and can work through their conflicting experiences with more awareness and centeredness than they have done in the past. Polarity Therapy is based on the fact that the mind, emotions, and physical body work together and have a mutual interaction. For example, not only do the emotions and thoughts affect the body, but also the diet, physical environment, and general state of health have a profound impact on the inner state of being. During treatment with a qualified Polarity Therapist, the emotions, thoughts, diet, exercise, living habits, and spiritual...

Interpreting a Horary Chart

Which suggests that the work will be stressful and that she will have little time to relax. She should try to find time for relaxation, though, because Jupiter is retrograde -appearing to move backward in the sky - which could represent health problems. This is especially so because Jupiter has an opposition from Pluto, and the Sun and Mercury (though very positively placed in terms of the career) are in the via combusta (a section of the zodiac between 15 Libra and 16 Scorpio), and planets placed there can have a negative effect on the health. The Moon's Influence On the other hand, most positively, the Moon is in the Ninth House,

The Planets through the Houses

SUN Whatever the Sun sign, here is dedication to work and the need for a predictable routine. Health indications emphasized according to the Sun sign vulnerability to stress and worry. MOON Diet is of above average importance and, if the Moon sign is sympathetic, vegetarianism could appeal. Relaxation techniques are advisable to counter stress, nervous tension, or digestive upsets. MERCURY The planet's influence is increased in this, its own house. A lively and sharp mind, and critical acumen will be pronounced. Considerable attention to detail and a strong tendency to worry. VENUS There will be lack of motivation to exercise and generally a laid-back attitude to routine work is common. A certain predilection for sweet, rich food can cause weight gain and a loss of physical attractiveness. MARS Here, Mars will invigorate the nervous system and encourage a lively mind that particularly enjoys verbal battles. Hasty decision-making can cause premature action. Stress should be worked off...

Gifts and Capabilities

Travel is many times a favorite leisure activity. Exotic getaways where tourists are rare suit the Tigerwell. Safaris, adventurous excursions, record-breaking mountain climbs, and sports records keep the brave Tigeryouth-ful and healthywell into middle age. Caution regarding physical exhaustion must be exercised and Tigers must take time out for rest and relaxation.

The Element Of

The three air signs are Gemini, Libra, and Aquarius. Air Signs are similar to air because they generate the ability of circulation. They create an aura of relaxation when around people and situations. The Air Signs are most naturally associated with the channels of communication, thought, adaptability, and the gift of making and sustaining relationships with ease. This triplicity has its beginning in Gemini and it characterizes the influence of other people on the native. The keyword of the Air triplicity is other people. The Air native will feel comfortably at home when in the company of other people and he is afforded the vital opportunity to execute his innate powers of communications. Included in those other people are partners, friends, relatives, and nearby acquaintances. The air native will undoubtedly possess a precise talent for adaptability and will be able to modify himself to accommodate any changes on the social level. He is easily the most versatile person in the Zodiac...

Second House

After they have established their nest eggs, rich eating habits usually get in the way of health maintenance. Gluttony is not uncommon. These people also tend to consume food that is high in sugar and carbohydrates. Second House people need to realize that earthly monuments will not give them happiness happiness is the one thing that cannot be bought. They must learn that other people like them for who and what they are, not for what they own, how much they are worth or what clothes they wear. When Second House people learn the real nature of happiness, they place their bodies under less stress and get rest and relaxation every once in a while.

Sun sign virgo

This is a very meaty placing for Venus, which will considerably increase emotion and sexual desire. The sex drive is powerful, but seriously conflicts with Virgo inhibition. These individuals are extremely sexually attractive, but may not want to appear so. Relaxation in sexual enjoyment is essential, then huge pleasure and fulfillment results. There is a considerable ability to make money.


Massotherapy is a scientific method of treating disease by manipulating the tissue of the body by hand or modality to effect relaxation, relieve pain, increase range and mobility of joints and ligaments, reduce certain types of edemas, effect blood flow and nutrition, increase metabolism, promote absorption, stretch adhesions and beneficially affect the nervous system. In addition, massotherapy promotes a desirable effect upon the nervous system. It may produce relaxation, stimulation and metabolic balance. The massotherapist, by expert manipulation and massage of the tissue of the body, relieves pressure on the nervous system, thus allowing the inherent restorative and constructive powers of the body to be activated.

The Fourth House

On the psychological level, it shows how happy we are at home or in our emotional nature, and may indicate deep subconscious drives. It also relates to our capacity for rest and relaxation. It is the psychological house per se and afflictions to it show emotional and mental disorders and lack of peace. It is probably the most sensitive house and afflictions to it can be hard to overcome. Spiritually, it is indicative of our faith and, often,

The Healthy Scorp

Healthy Scorps pay attention to their dreams, for both their informative and their imaginative power, and they should pay attention to what they eat and drink as well Scorps' intake can truly make a big difference in how they feel. Any relaxation techniques that help Scorps get rid of old resentments and anger could also help them feel their best. But Scorps' most important health lesson is to let go of repressed jealousy, anger, and resentment.

Staying Relaxed

Staying Relaxed

Start unlocking your hidden power with self hypnosis by relaxing and staying relaxed. This is just the audio you have been looking for to do just this.

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