The Rising Sign And The Twelve Houses

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To illustrate how a horoscope is cast, we will first cast four horoscopes for persons born in Chicago, August 2, 1909, at 2:15 A.M., 8:15 A.M., 2:15 P.M., and 8:15 P.M., as far as the placing of the signs upon the cusps of the houses. The cusps are the dividing lines between the houses.

Finding Chicago on the map, we note that it is located near the 42nd degree of the North latitude, and close to 88 degrees of longitude West from Greenwich.

Our first concern is to find the True Local Time of Birth. We first turn to the rule on page 22 which says "to the nearest Standard Meridian Time, add four minutes for each degree the birth place is east of the Meridian corresponding to that Time.

If the birth place is west of that Meridian, subtract four minutes for each degree it is West thereof.

The nearest Standard Meridian Time is Central Time gauged by the 90th meridian. Chicago, being 88 degrees West Longitude, is two degrees East of the 90th meridian. We therefore add two times four, or eight minutes, to the time shown by the clock, in order to find true local time. In the case

Note: Some foreign countries have adopted Standard Time, but information about this must be obtained in each case from the country in question.

of the first birth hour, when the clock showed 2:15 A.M. on August 2nd., the true local time is thus found to be 2:23 A.M. This True Local Time of Birth will be used in all subsequent calculation of the horoscope. Note, however, that this correction of Standard to Local Time applies only to the United States, and is required only for dates subsequent to Nov. 18th, 1883, when standard time was adopted. (See footnote, page 32.)

We will now proceed to find the sidereal time (abbreviated to S.T.) at the birth place at the moment of birth. As a starting point for our calculations we have the S.T. (sidereal time) for Greenwich at noon. From that we may calculate the sidereal time at the birth-place and hour by the following rule:

To the sidereal time for the noon previous to birth (given in the ephemeris) add-First, 10 seconds correction for every 15 degrees of longitude the birth-place is west of Greenwich.

Second, the interval between the PREVIOUS noon and birth. Third, 10 seconds correction for every hour of this interval.

Following the above rule we turn to the page of ephemeris in the back of this book and find the column marked Sidereal Time. As our first birth hour is August 2nd, 2:23 A.M., true local time, we note that the previous noon is August 1st. Opposite that date we note the sidereal time as being 8 hours 37 minutes, which we put down thus:

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