Table Of Planetary Keywords

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Sun sextile or trine: The vital, venturesome, dignified and authoritative Sun.

Sun square or opposition: The lazy, ambitionless, despotic and cowardly Sun.

Venus sextile or trine: The harmonious, artistic, beautiful, lovely, cheerful and suave Venus.

Venus square or opposition: The dissolute, sensual, vulgar, slothful, loud and lazy Venus.

Mercury sextile or trine: The quick-witted, versatile, eloquent, literary, adroit and dexterous Mercury.

Mercury square or opposition: The restless, shiftless, profane, gossipy, demagogic, dishonest, untruthful, forgetful, and clumsy Mercury.

Moon sextile or trine: The magnetic, imaginative, plastic and changeable Moon.

Moon square or opposition: The negative, procrastinating, dreamy, vacillating, visionary, frivolous, childish and worrisome Moon.

Saturn sextile or trine: The cautious, deliberate, methodical, persevering, tactful, thoughtful and thrifty Saturn.

Saturn square or opposition: The malicious, materialistic, melancholy, pessimistic, avaricious, obstructive, secretive and worrisome Saturn.

Jupiter sextile or trine: The law-abiding, charitable, conservative, reverent, optimistic, opulent and benevolent Jupiter.

Jupiter square or opposition: The indolent, procrastinating, bombastic, ostentatious, prodigal, dissipated and lawless Jupiter.

Mars sextile or trine: The gallant, enterprising, energetic, enthusiastic and constructive Mars.

Mars square or opposition: The coarse, combative, egotistic, discordant, destructive, passionate, audacious, impulsive and hot-tempered Mars.

Uranus sextile or trine: The advanced, romantic, original, independent, liberty-loving and inventive Uranus.

Uranus square or opposition: The licentious, unconventional, fanatical and irresponsible Uranus.

Neptune sextile or trine: The occult, prophetic, inspirational, spiritual, devotional and musical Neptune.

Neptune square or opposition: The fraudulent, vague, deceptive, dishonest and mediumistic Neptune.


The foregoing delineation of the effects and influences of the planets in the various houses and signs, also by aspect and position such as parallel and conjunction, sextile, square, trine and opposition, are subject to wide modification according to the other configurations of the horoscope, and according to whether the planets are essentially dignified or in their detriment, exalted or in fall, or placed in critical degrees. The following table of planetary powers will show at a glance the signs in which the various planets are strong or weak; and when the student known in what sign a planet rules or is exalted it is only necessary to remember that it has its fall or detriment in the opposite sign. Thus the Sun rules Leo and is exalted in Aries. Hence it is very powerful in those signs, and as the opposite signs are Aquarius and Libra it is at once apparent that when placed in these signs the Sun is comparatively weak. Another important factor which it is necessary to take into consideration is elevation. The closer a planet is to the Midheaven, the more highly it is elevated and the more powerful it is. Consulting the table of planetary powers we find that Mars rules Aries and is exalted in Capricorn. Let us suppose that in a horoscope, Mars is found placed close to the Midheaven in Aries or Capricorn and square to the Sun which is near the Ascendant. Then the evil will be very much greater than if Mars were in Libra or Cancer, the signs of his fall and detriment, and the Sun placed in the Midheaven elevated above Mars. Similarly, if the Sun were placed in Aries, its exaltation sign, close to the Midheaven in high elevation and trine to Jupiter in its own sign, Sagittarius, then both planets are very strong and their effect would be much more marked than if they were placed in the signs of their fall and debility. By memorizing this table and bearing in mind the matter of elevation, the student will be able to form a much more accurate judgment of the effect of planets in any particular horoscope than if this is not taken into consideration.

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