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Although we are many millions of miles nearer the Sun in winter, its rays transmit less heat than in summer when we are farthest from it, and it is therefore evident that distance has no effect on transmission of heat-rays, but as the Sun rises towards the zenith, be it summer or winter, the heat increases, the greatest heat being experienced in mid-summer when sun-rays are nearest the perpendicular; it is therefore evident that the angle of the ray is the sole determinator of its influence.

Astrology deals with planetary angles and their observed effect upon mankind; in order to determine these angles and tabulate observations, the fixed stars along the Sun's path have been divided into groups or constellations, and the heavens, as viewed from the birthplace of a child have been divided into houses. most beginners find it very confusing to differentiate between these signs and houses, but if it is kept in mind that the signs are divisions of the heavens relative to the vernal equinox, and houses are divisions of the heavens relative to the birthplace, there should be no difficulty. The signs influence certain parts of the body; houses govern conditions of life.

Like any other circle, the zodiac is divided into 360 degrees, each of the twelve signs is therefore 30 degrees. Their names and symbols are given in the affixed diagram. The parts of the body ruled by those signs are as follows:




Cerebellum and Neck


Arms and Lungs




Heart and Spinal Cord






Sex Organs and Rectum


Hips and Thighs







These twelve constellations are the natural zodiac and ever in the same relative positions, but on account of a motion of the pole of the earth the Sun crosses the equator at the slightly different point each spring at the vernal equinox, and this shifting point is considered in Astrology as being the first degree of Aries, the beginning of what is called the intellectual zodiac, which thus changes from year to year at the rate of about 50.1 seconds per annum, 1 degree in 7 years, 1 sign in 2156 years, completing the circle of 12 signs in about 25,868 years. This backward movement is called "precession of the equinox."

From the materialistic viewpoint there seems to be no reason for this shifting of the zodiac, but from the position of the mystic it is not at all arbitrary, but necessary and in harmony with the spiral path of evolution adhered to in both star and starfish, observable everywhere in nature. After completion of each cycle, the intellectual and the natural zodiacs agree (the last time A. D. 498), then a new world period commences, a new phase of evolution, a higher loop of the spiral whereon we are ever traveling towards God. Even from the material standpoint it is evident that the spiral path of the solar system observed by astronomers must change the angle of incidence of the light rays from the fixed stars, and as the angle of incidence of the Sun's rays upon our earth has the effect of producing the climatic changes of summer and winter, it is reasonable that a similar change must follow from our altered position relative to the fixed stars, which may account for gradual changes of conditions such as that the winters grow less cold and the summers less warm in certain parts of the world.

Furthermore, it has been observed that climatic conditions have a distant effect on our temperament--we feel differently in summer than we do in winter--and may not this slow change relative to the fixed stars account for the change in humanity, which is called evolution? The mystic affirms that it does. As rays of the Sun, by change of the angle of incidence, call forth leaves and flowers from the plant at one time, and at another cause them to wither, so do rays from the fixed stars call forth and produce greater changes in flora and fauna; they are responsible for the rise and fall of nations and the temperamental change which we call civilization.

Bringing the analogy a step further, the natural zodiac is composed of the constellations as they are and remain in the heavens, and the intellectual zodiac commences at the changing point where the Sun crosses the equator at the vernal equinox. That is the time when Nature brings to birth that which has germinated in her womb during the preceding winter. Thus the horoscope of the world changes from year to year. "As above, so below," is the law of analogy and the same salient points are observable in the evolution of man and microbe, star and starfish.

In the human map we have also what may be called a natural horoscope, that is the figure as cast by the rules of Astrology, where any sign may be on the Ascendant, or First House. The changing vernal equinox corresponds to the first degree of Aries, in the intellectual zodiac, so the Ascendant in any human horoscope also has an influence corresponding to that degree. The Second House corresponds to Taurus, the Third to Gemini, and so on, forming the counterpart of the intellectual zodiac in the human horoscope.

As the rays of the Sun are intensified when focused through a lens, so is the spiritual life of the Sun when focused through the two houses of Mars to bring a life from the unseen world.

Cancer, the first of the watery signs was pictured among the ancient Egyptians as a scarab (beetle), which was their emblem of the soul, and occultists know that the seed-atom of the body is planted when the Sun of Life, (the Ego,) is in Cancer, the sphere of the Moon, the planet of fecundation.

Four months later, when the Sun of Life passes through the second of the watery signs, Scorpio, which is under the rulership of Mars, the planet of passion and emotion, the Silver Cord is tied which binds the desire body to the lower vehicles, and we have the 'quickening' when the fetus first beings to show sentient life. By that time the Ego has dissolved the nucleated blood corpuscles through which the mother's life manifested in the growing organism, and it can then begin to work in the vital fluid and manifest sins of separate life in the body until the Sun of Life has completed its circle and again reaches the mystic Eighth House.

Eight months after the seed atom was sown the Sun of Life, the Spirit, enters Pisces, the last of the watery signs in the mystic zodiac, which is under the expansive, benefic ray of Jupiter. Under this benevolent influence the waters of parturition swell and burst the restraining walls of the womb, when the nine months of gestation have been completed, launching the new-born soul upon the Ocean of Life at the first point of Aries, where it is warmed and cheered by the combined rays of Mars and the Sun, which are house and exaltation rulers. Thus it is prepared or the battle of existence by the energetic war-god, and its fountain of life, be it large or small, is filled to capacity by the Sun, from the great cosmic reservoir of vital energy.

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