Saturn In The Twelve Signs

Saturn in Aries is weak and therefore unable to express his best qualities to their full and legitimate extent even if well-aspected. Nevertheless he gives a minor measure of poise, self-reliance, discretion and tact, industry, patience and perseverance. But when Saturn is afflicted in Aries the person is quickly angered and apt to hold spite, and also of a jealous, malicious, and vindictive disposition.

Saturn in Taurus when well-aspected makes a person slow of speech but that he says will have weight and be well worth hearing. It gives a quiet disposition, slow to decide, but stubborn in maintaining a position once taken. These people are close-mouthed, and my be trusted to keep their own and other people's secrets well. When Saturn is afflicted in Taurus, particularly by Mercury he always causes trouble with the speech and gives a quick temper, especially if Mars is also an afflicting planet. This position makes financial difficulties.

Saturn in Gemini when well-aspected gives a deep, one-pointed, orderly and scientific mind, adaptable to circumstances and able to cope with all the exigencies of life. Love of mathematics is usually pronounced and when literature is taken up as a vocation the more serious branches devoted to industrial and mechanical subjects are preferred. When Saturn is afflicted in Gemini, it gives trouble through brothers and sisters, literature and law, danger on short journeys. An afflicted Saturn in Gemini also gives trouble with the lungs. Such people should therefore be particularly careful not to catch cold.

Saturn in Cancer is always weak and his virtues therefore find it difficult to express themselves when he is in this position. Nevertheless he gives reliable judgment concerning houses, lands, mines etc., and gains by investing in these things; when well-aspected, he favors thrift, economy and solid comfort in the home with quiet, peaceful and comfortable conditions in the latter part of life. He makes the person frugal and gives a good control of the appetite. But when afflicted he indicates domestic infelicity, the person being held back in life by a gloomy kill-joy partner who is always restraining every ambitious thought. Trouble, sorrow and disappointment increase as the life advances and to this is added ill-health, for Saturn in Cancer indicates that the stomach is weak and the gums subject to pyorrhea, hence there is inability to properly digest the food, so that unless such people have sufficient will to curb their appetites they become the victims to chronic indigestion. Saturn in Cancer also indicates a religious tendency and an inclination toward study of the deeper sciences.

Saturn in Leo when well-aspected gives favor from people higher in the social scale and success in obtaining public appointments where the Saturnine virtues, tact, diplomacy, discretion and system, honor and executive ability are required. The constitution of these people is not overly strong by they may maintain perfect health by the conservation of energy as indicated by Saturn. When Saturn is afflicted in Leo however, they are cruel and quick-tempered, jealous, and do not scruple to stoop to underhanded methods to satisfy an ambition. This position also indicates heart trouble.

Saturn in Virgo gives a studious, deep, scientific mind of studying the deeper problems of life. It indicates an innate ability to manage others. It gives a thrifty, economical and frugal nature, but when Saturn is afflicted in Virgo the mind usually centers upon disease and the person becomes a confirmed hypochondriac. These people are the nest customers of the patent medicine vendors for most of their ills are usually imaginary. This position does however, carry with it a liability to intestinal diseases.

Saturn in Libra is exalted and very strong and therefore his good aspects bring out all the fine saturnine qualities and on that account secure for the person public esteem and recognition. The marriage partner is chaste and pure as gold. This position also brings good health and long life, but when Saturn is afflicted in Libra the marriage partner is either treacherous or removed by an early death. If the person goes to law he is likely to lose, and become the object of public disfavor. He will also be subject to urinary troubles.

Saturn in Scorpio when well-aspected gives a rare mechanical turn to the mind, a resourcefulness under the most difficult conditions, an indomitable courage and a patient persistence before which even the most difficult construction problems must give way. Hence such people make exceedingly able engineers and are invaluable in all pioneer undertakings; they blend the fire of Mars with the forethought of Saturn and are therefore invincible. They gain by legacy, economy and thrift and their financial fortunes are much improved after marriage. Good health and a long life are also indicated, but when Saturn is afflicted in Scorpio the marriage partner is poor, dull, egotistical and exacting and the person is liable to worry and ill-health; constipation and piles are the basic causes when then affect the nerves and the whole system.

Saturn in Sagittarius when well-aspected gives a charitable and philanthropic disposition with a desire to elevate humanity by self-help under just laws and true religious impulse. It couples all the saturnine virtues with the benevolent Jupiterian spirit of aspiration so that such people always aim to work for the public good according to their ability and station in life. Therefore they are trusted, honored, respected and in much demand for positions where these qualities are of value, in social, industrial or religious circles. When Saturn is afflicted in Sagittarius he makes the person insincere, cynical and sarcastic, ambitious to fill positions of trust and honor but for selfish purposes, liable to become involved in law and lose thereby. This position also affects the lungs and the person should be very careful not to catch cold.

Saturn in Capricorn when well-aspected is strong and therefore his virtues are also pronounced, with honesty and integrity as staunch as the Rock of Gibraltar and the determination to work toward the desired goal no matter how long it may take. Hence in spite of all handicaps and obstacles people with a well-aspected Saturn in Capricorn ultimately achieve a large measure of success and are generally esteemed by their contemporaries. But when Saturn is afflicted in Capricorn the mind is gloomy and the person sees life from a biased point of view. There is a general sense of dissatisfaction which sometimes develops into a diseased mind. These people are cunning, underhanded and not to be trusted.

Saturn in Aquarius when well-aspected gives a humane outlook upon life, a sympathetic and friendly disposition, very distinct and deliberate speech and a seriousness in all affairs of life. These people therefore make friends among the aged, the wealthy and the intellectual who are able to help then rise in life. But when Saturn is afflicted in Aquarius it makes the disposition shrewd, cunning and alert to prey upon others by gaining their confidence and friendship and such people therefore sink to the lower levels of society. This position also carries with it a tendency to heart trouble and varicose veins.

Saturn in Pisces when well-aspected gives a tendency to success in some quiet peaceful line of life where these people do not come into contact with the public, such as laboratory or research work or in connection with institutions for the care of wards of the community; they are regular "home-bodies" but when Saturn is afflicted in Pisces it gives danger of confinement by a chronic disease or liability to imprisonment. The person makes many enemies who will be persistent in their persecution of him.

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