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Were You Born Under a Lucky Star? Amulets, Birthstones and Planetary Colors When Is the Best Time to Be Born? Reading the Horoscope. Introductory Mundane Houses Signs of the Zodiac

Cardinal Signs

Fixed Signs Common Signs

Comparative Effect of Cardinal, Fixed and Common Signs on the Angles

Triplicities Sun, Moon and Ascendant The Rising Sign Influence of the Twelve Signs When Rising Intrinsic Nature of the Planets Children of the Twelve Signs Sun, the Giver of Life Sun in the Twelve Houses Sun in the Twelve Signs Sun in Aspect with Other Planets Venus, the Planet of Love Venus in the Twelve Houses Venus in the Twelve Signs Venus in Aspect with Other Planets Mercury, the Planet of Reason Mercury in the Twelve Houses Mercury in the Twelve Signs Mercury in Aspect with Other Planets Moon, the Planet of Fecundation Moon in the Twelve Houses Moon in the Twelve Signs Moon in Aspect with Other Planets

Saturn, the Planet of Sorrow Saturn in the Twelve Houses Saturn in the Twelve Signs Saturn in Aspect with Other Planets Jupiter, the Planet of Benevolence Jupiter in the Twelve Houses Jupiter in the Twelve Signs Jupiter in Aspect with Other Planets Mars, the Planet of Action Mars in the Twelve Houses Mars in the Twelve Signs Mars in Aspect with Other Planets Planetary Octaves: Neptune-Mercury and Uranus-Venus Uranus, the Planet of Altruism Uranus in the Twelve Houses Uranus in the Twelve Signs Uranus in Aspect with Other Planets Neptune, the Planet of Divinity Neptune in the Twelve Houses Neptune in the Twelve Signs Neptune in Aspect with Other Planets Doctrine of Delineation in a Nutshell Table of Planetary Keywords Elevation, Exaltation and Critical Degrees Mercury Before or After the Sun Are You Helping Your Stars?

Mind and the Ruling Planet Influence of Ruling Planets, Well Aspected Influence of Ruling Planets, Afflicted Mental Effects of Rising Sign Your Luck in Life Health and Disease Social and Financial Fortunes Vocation Marriage and Offspring Harmony and Discord

Men's Marriages Women's Marriages Happiness, Sorrow and Bereavement

Second Marriages Description of the Husband or Wife Children

Progression of the Horoscope--Fate and Freewill Different Methods of Progression Adjusted Calculation Date Progression of the Angles Some Important Points Progressed Solar Directions Progressed Lunar Directions Mutual Aspects of the Planets Transits

The Moon Increasing or Decreasing

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