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Western. When the Sun or planets have passed the Zenith, Midheaven or noon mark, they begin to set towards the Western horizon, therefore the planets in the ninth, eighth and seventh houses of the horoscope are said to be 'occidental' or

Western, and planets in the twelfth, eleventh and tenth houses which are ascending from the Eastern horizon to the Midheaven, as the Sun does in the forenoon, are said to be 'oriental' or Eastern.

But when the Sun sets in the place where we live, it rises on another part of the world represented by the sixth, fifth, fourth, third, second and first houses of our horoscope, and during that time it is also oriental, and occidental to their Midheaven, which corresponds to OUR Nadir. When it rises from their Eastern horizon, which is our descendant, through the sixth, fifth and fourth houses, it is called oriental, and when it gradually sets towards their Western Horizon, which is our Ascendant, it is called occidental.

Therefore, planets in the twelfth, eleventh, tenth, sixth, fifth, and fourth houses are called oriental, and the planets in the other six houses are called occidental or Western.

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