Neptune In The Twelve Signs

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Neptune in Aries, when well aspected fills a person with religious enthusiasm, though not always of the orthodox kind, and gives him the energy and ambition to push forward to the front rank in whatever line of thought and belief he espouses. There is a desire to elevate humanity to a higher and more noble plane of life and on that account this configuration or position usually brings the person forward as a public character or more or less importance, according to the general aspects and tenor of the horoscope.

But when afflicted, Neptune in Aries brings out the destructive tendencies. There is a similar desire to raise humanity to realms of happiness, but the methods are anarchistic and it incites to murder of those whom the person conceives to be the enemies of society, by bomb plot or assassination, and lays the person liable to imprisonment on account of conspiracy against the government or others in authority.

Neptune in Taurus gives a kindly, companionable disposition and an inclination towards the beautiful and artistic in nature. He is fond of music and the pleasures of life. This is also a good omen for the acquisition of land or property. But when Neptune is afflicted in Taurus it gives a sensuous and passionate nature and a strong tendency to gourmandize which in time is bound to bring trouble and sorrow in its wake.

Neptune in Gemini, well aspected, is one of the best indications of unusual mental faculties, for Neptune is the octave of Mercury the planet of mind, logic and reason. Hence this position develops the occult, prophetic and inspirational faculties. It makes the person sensitive to the finer intuitional and inspirational vibrations in nature. It is the signature of genius in one direction or another according to the conditions in the horoscope. It gives the gift of oratory and unusual literary ability, and makes the person a fine mechanic or mathematician; in short, there is no field of endeavor where mental ingenuity is required, that the person with Neptune in Gemini, well aspected, does not excel.

But when Neptune is afflicted in Gemini it indicates inability to concentrate to any good purpose. The mind is restless, chaotic and wavering, inclined to cunning, fraud and deception, or at best it makes the person a visionary and a dreamer who is apt to become the dupe of others. There is generally trouble with brothers, sisters and neighbors who cordially dislike the person in whose horoscope this aspect is found.

Neptune in Cancer, when well aspected, gives an intuitive, sympathetic and lovable nature quick to understand the sorrows and joys of others and ready to feel for them or with them. Hence these people are generally very much liked, both in the home and in their immediate circle of acquaintances. This position also brings them in touch with the finer forces of nature and enables them to cultivate such spiritual faculties as psychometry and a species of intuition whereby they can get in touch with whomsoever or whatsoever they wish for the help and benefit of others. They are very versatile in the spiritual direction and may reach great heights by devotion, which is strongly expressed in them. But when Neptune is afflicted in Cancer it gives a very self-indulgent disposition which generally exerts a baneful influence in the home, perhaps more by innuendo than by direct malicious expression. This position also gives peculiar tastes and appetites which are apt to cause great trouble to the alimentative system and there is a strong inclination for drugs or drink.

Neptune in Leo, when well aspected, gives a generous, sympathetic and warmhearted disposition, a sociable nature, fond of pleasures and artistic pursuits. These people have considerable ability and success in educational pursuits because of an intimate understanding of the nature of others and the faculty of imparting to them whatever knowledge they possess themselves. They are very conscientious in their dealings with others and successful in affairs of the heart.

But when Neptune is afflicted in Leo it makes the nature super- sensual and therefore liable to disappointments in love. These people are governed by impulse rather than by reason; they lack the stamina to face an issue, are cowardly, fickle and not to be depended upon; they incur a general dislike among their acquaintances.

Neptune in Virgo. Mercury, the planet of mind, reason and logic is exalted in Virgo, and the occult, prophetic, inspirational, spiritual, devotional and musical Neptune is the octave of Mercury, hence the blending of the Mercurial and Neptunian qualities produced by Neptune in Virgo gives exceptionally fine mental faculties with the addition of inspiration, prophetic ability, devotion to high ideals when Neptune is well aspected, for Neptune adds gentleness and sympathy to the cold Mercury; though such people are rather odd in their ideas and inclinations, especially with respect to marriage, which they usually regard from the platonic standpoint. If Neptune is afflicted in Virgo it gives hypochondriac tendencies and an imagination of having all the ills and ailments in the universe which makes the person's life miserable. There is also a tendency to become the plaything of spirit controls, not only with respect to mediumship but such people are liable to direct obsession and when this calamity has once occurred it is very difficult to free the body from the obsessing entity.

Neptune in Libra, when well aspected, gives a musical, poetic and artistic temperament and indicates a union of a highly spiritual nature which will be of great comfort and satisfaction to the person. When Neptune is afflicted in Libra, there is a tendency to clandestine, unconventional and illegitimate relations, either of the person himself or of the marriage partner, according to the nature of the aspects to Neptune. It indicates a weak and over-emotional nature which incurs and merits the dislike for those in its immediate environment.

Neptune in Scorpio, well aspected, gives a desire to delve into the secrets of nature and thus it is a good position for those who work in scientific or occult research. It gives energy, enthusiasm and inspirational perception beyond the realm of reason and augurs successful accomplishment of whatever is undertaken. But when afflicted it gives a terrible temper, a sensuous and passionate nature, an inordinate desire for drink or drugs and a tendency to drowning either by accident or design.

Neptune in Sagittarius, when well aspected increases the inspirational, devotional and religious tendencies in the horoscope. It brings dreams, visions, and occult experiences. There is love of travel and a great enjoyment of the pleasures thus obtained. When Neptune is afflicted in Sagittarius the subjects become liable to fears and forebodings; dreams of danger and visions of distress prey upon the mind, making life miserable. Sometimes they have great desires to travel but are unable to gratify them, or if they do they have trouble or accidents to contend with.

Neptune in Capricorn, when well aspected gives a serious and contemplative nature, able to concentrate upon whatever matters come before it, hence such people are successful, keen and far-sighted business men, usually working on a large scale, or if the nature of the other aspects of the horoscope draws them toward secret work they make excellent detectives capable of solving the most intricate problems, or researchers along psychic lines; in fact they excel in any occupation where deep thought and concentration are the keys to success.

But when Neptune is afflicted in Capricorn it makes the nature melancholy, secretive and very often deceitful. These people re generally recluses and shun the society of their fellow-men.

Neptune in Aquarius, when well aspected, gives an altruistic or utopian disposition with a desire to emancipate the whole world from whatever social, mental, moral or physical ills the person may be able to perceive. Hence these people are usually too far in advance of their time and age to be understood. They are regarded as dreamers and visionaries, idealists and, as in a sense, dangerous to society because of their originality and independence of conventions. At the same time they are very popular with the most progressive people in society. They easily apprehend Nature's finer forces and are therefore the pioneers in exploration of hitherto undreamed-of fields.

When Neptune is afflicted in Aquarius it gives similar ideas and ideals in regard to conventions. But it is only too liable to bring such people and their lives into discredit and disgrace.

Neptune in Pisces, when well aspected gives a love of mysticism and a tendency to investigate the occult. Sometimes these people develop their spiritual faculties and obtain first-hand knowledge. They are compassionate towards others, unobtrusive, retiring in their manner, well liked also often the recipients of aid from others, cheerfully and willingly given.

When Neptune is afflicted in Pisces the person is liable to suffer through mediumship, obsession and deception of secret enemies. There is danger of imprisonment and a tendency to indulge in drink or drugs which will end in sorrow and self-undoing.

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