Neptune In The Twelve Houses

Neptune in the Ascendant, or First House. Neptune is by nature occult, prophetic and spiritual. The Ascendant signifies the body wherein we function and thus by combination of these ideas we find that Neptune on the Ascendant will give a particularly sensitive body capable of feeling the finer vibrations in nature, and according to the aspects which the planet receives, these will be either good, bad or indifferent. If Neptune is strong and well aspected to the Sun, Jupiter or Uranus, we may judge that there is an intensely mystical nature latent in the person. Whether or not it will be developed is, of course, another question depending upon opportunity and environment. On the other hand, if Neptune is afflicted, it indicates a very low mentality, perhaps even insanity. In any case the nature is visionary, romantic and generally unpractical, at least from the worldly standard. The prophetic, inspirational and visionary faculties are usually highly developed when Neptune is unafflicted in the First House. There is a love of art and music, a desire for luxury and whatever gives power and tone to life. But when Neptune is afflicted in the First House the nature is indolent, procrastinating and changeable; perverted tastes and desires come to the front and impel to acts of indiscretion which may bring grave consequences. There is indication of prostitution of the spiritual faculties; a deceptive, dishonest disposition, also a tendency to mediumship and spirit obsession.

Neptune in the Second House and well aspected brings gain through all things in which water plays a prominent part; also through mystic and occult matters and societies. But if Neptune is afflicted the financial affairs of the person will always be in an uncertain, chaotic state.

Neptune in the Third House, when well aspected enhances the mental faculties to a considerable degree. It gives ability in the direction of inspirational writing and speaking, high ideals, a devotional mind. But when Neptune is afflicted in the Third House the mind is of a low order, cunning, sometimes imbecile and idiotic, with weird and uncanny feelings and perverted appetites. Neptune in the Third House also gives a tendency to many journeys, frequently by water, but whether or not they are successful depends upon the aspects.

Neptune in the Fourth House, when well aspected, gives a spiritual atmosphere to the home with unusual conditions for soul-growth through the relationships there formed, but when afflicted it brings fraud and deception, unhappiness and distrust, peculiar problems and many changes of residence. There is also a liability to extreme poverty at the close of life, even confinement in a public institution of charity.

Neptune in the Fifth House, strong and well aspected, indicates a successful courtship of one of a highly advanced spiritual nature, success as a teacher of mystic matters, and gain by investment in things ruled by Neptune, aquatic sports and any other business in which the watery element is strong.

Neptune in the Sixth House, well aspected, is a favorable indication of latent psychic faculties which may be developed with profit from the spiritual point of view. But when afflicted it predisposes to the prostitution of spiritual faculties by mediumship, etc. Thus the person may become subject to spirit control and run grave danger of obsession. It also indicates trouble and loss through employees and a liability to chronic wasting diseases and deformity. Usually these tendencies are then accentuated by a sensuous nature and a self-indulgent manner of living.

Neptune in the Seventh House and well aspected indicates a marriage to tone of an occult, inspirational nature, generally a platonic union of the most soul-satisfying nature, a true companionship of two who are really mates. It also shows success as a public speaker on occult or mystical subjects. But when afflicted, Neptune in the Seventh House shows an emotional mediumistic, unreliable marriage partner, or there may be fraud or deception in connection with the marriage, perhaps one of the partners committing bigamy. this position also indicates one of the parasites that prey upon the public in general, or of those who become victims of public disfavor, all according to the nature of the aspects. They show whether or not this is merited.

Neptune in the Eighth House, when well aspected, gives gain through the marriage partner, but not through the ordinary channels of business; it comes in a peculiar manner. This position is also favorable for occult investigation and often enables the person who has it to obtain information at first hand. But when Neptune is afflicted in the Eighth house it brings a loss by fraud or deception of the marriage partner, financial troubles with estates or corporations and a strange, unusual ending to the life.

Neptune in the Ninth House is very favorable for the cultivation of spiritual faculties; when well aspected, it brings strange visions and unusual intuitional forebodings and presentiments, also profit and pleasure in connection with long journeys or voyages.

When Neptune is afflicted in the Ninth House it makes the mind fearful and anxious, always on the qui vive with vague forebodings; it inclines to travel but brings trouble in that connection, also danger of legal complication and loss on that account.

Neptune in the Tenth House, when well aspected indicates one of high aspirations and inspirations, spiritually inclined, who has the ability to rise to leadership, fame and honor, in connection with some mystical society or in scientific research. This position of Neptune also indicates an accident to one of the parents, probably by water, while the person is still a child, but when the planet is well aspected a legacy often accrues.

Neptune in the Tenth House and trine to the Sun or Moon are sure signs of the ability to cultivate the spiritual sight in this life. A number of well-known seers have this aspect.

When Neptune is afflicted in the Tenth House it indicates fraud, deception and dishonesty which in time will bring their reward of sorrow, trouble and scandal.

Neptune in the Eleventh House and well aspected shows a person of high spiritual aspirations and the ability to attract others of a similar nature who will be of help to him in realizing his desires, hopes and wishes. When Neptune is afflicted in the Eleventh House it indicates deception and treachery on the part of people who pose as friends; this will bring loss and trouble. Therefore people with this position should be particularly careful whom they cultivate and admit their friendship.

Neptune in the Twelfth House, well aspected, brings success in research work of a scientific or occult nature which is carried on in secret or far from the haunts of men. It also indicates a secret soul-satisfying or clandestine but honorable relationship with someone which will bring benefit to both and it not infrequently happens that this friend is in the spirit world, but the relations is much more close in such cases than it can ever be between friends who are both in the physical body. When Neptune is afflicted in the Twelfth House it gives a liability to confinement and restraint in a public institution such as a hospital, asylum, or prison, on account of secret but powerful enemies, a chronic and noisome disease or insanity due to perverted practices.

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