Mercury In The Twelve Houses

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Mercury in the Ascendant, or First House makes the person quick- witted and sharp according to the nature of the sign rising and the aspects of the planets which he receives. The fiery signs and the airy signs have the strongest influence in that respect. In Aries or Leo he is more impulsive than when rising in Sagittarius, but Gemini, Libra and Aquarius are best. When Mercury is rising in the watery signs Cancer or Pisces the intellect is dull, but rising in Scorpio where it is fired by the martial energy and armed with the venomous sting of the scorpion it has a somewhat similar influence to that of Mars in Scorpio through not quite so pronounced.

Mercury in the Second House is good for gain through mercurial occupations especially where the person is employed by someone else so that he appears in a true mercurial capacity as agent, messenger, clerk, writer or whatever else.

Mercury in the Third House and well-aspected has wonderful influence on the mental qualities of the native. It makes the mind serene and optimistic, inclined to study and research work. It gives fluency as a speaker and success by short journeys or travel and makes the relations of the person harmonious with his brothers. When Mercury is afflicted in the Third House it inclines to worry and pessimism, trouble and annoyance with sisters and brothers and when on short journeys.

Mercury in the Fourth House gives instability to home conditions. It signifies the homeless wanderer who is always moving from place to place unless a good aspect to Saturn comes in to steady him down. This is, however, a good aspect for people engaged in mercurial occupations which require a stationary residence, such as librarian, or literary men engaged in newspaper work, employees in printing establishments, commission houses, agencies and kindred organizations. If Mercury is afflicted by Saturn the home conditions of the person will cause him a great deal of worry.

Mercury in the Fifth House centers the mind upon education, amusements, courtships and children. If Mercury is well-aspected by Saturn or Jupiter it gives depth to the mind and makes the person successful in enterprises connected with education, publishing or public amusements. Good aspects from Mars or Venus give success in courtship but the adverse aspects of the planets make the person cruel; he is inconstant in affection toward those he professes to love, inclined to worry over affairs of his children, and superficial as a teacher. A good aspect from the Sun is an excellent indication of success in a government position, in an educational capacity.

Mercury in the Sixth House makes the mentality too active for the person's own good, for he is extremely ambitious and therefore liable to over-tax himself to the detriment of his health, and the disability of the nervous system is most likely to express itself by a digestive disorder in the region governed by Virgo, the sixth sign, viz., the intestines. Such people are supersensitive to the conditions of others which affects their health bringing much trouble and worry in dealing with servants and subordinates. They are fond of the study of hygiene and diet and meet with considerable success in the practice of the chemistry of foods, particularly if Mercury is well-aspected. Adverse aspects of Saturn to a Sixth House Mercury make a chronic invalid of a most melancholy mind. The adverse aspects of Mars and Uranus are fruitful sources of suicide through brooding over disease.

Mercury in the Seventh House and well-aspected makes the person popular in literary and scientific circles. It is a good position for public speakers and all who are engaged in mercurial activities of a public nature. But if Mercury is afflicted the Seventh House position brings a great deal of hostile criticism of a public nature and is liable to involve the person in litigation either to defend himself against libel from others or on account of libel committed by himself. A well-aspected Mercury in the Seventh House indicates a successful marriage to a relative or an employee, but when Mercury is afflicted either the person or the marriage partner is of a nagging nature so that the married life is spoiled by constant quarrels and disputes on account of fickleness and faithfulness.

Mercury in the Eighth House when well-aspected gives gain through literary or scientific agencies, occupations or other mercurial pursuits provided they are carried on in partnership with someone else. This position also indicates that the person may receive a legacy and it is a good indication of the financial success of the marriage, but if Mercury is afflicted its position in the Eighth House indicates financial troubles for the marriage partner and litigation probably in connection with a legacy left to the native.

Mercury in the Ninth House and well-aspected gives love of religion, science, letters and law, a studious mind capable of delving deeply into profound problems of life and being, philosophic and philanthropic tendencies, and desire to travel far if need be in the pursuit of knowledge. This position gives facility in speech and writing and success in religion, philosophy, law or science. The mind is broad, flexible and adaptable, therefore the person is liable to change his views several times in his life on the various subjects which he has studied, but there will always be a good reason for adopting another viewpoint.

If Mercury is afflicted in the Ninth House he makes the person exceedingly unstable of mind, changeable as a weather vane in all his pursuits and activities. Such a person will never stay by anything long enough to try it out and therefore he will meet with a series of disasters all through life. Probably he may journey from one place to another in search of success but he will never find it until he learns to concentrate his energies upon one thing. This position is also a fruitful source of trouble with the law or legal affairs.

Mercury in the Tenth House, well-aspected, shows adaptability and resourcefulness such as enable the person to cope with all the contingencies of life. It makes a successful lecturer, publisher or writer and is also favorable to success in one of the occult occupations. If Mercury is placed in one of the airy signs the power of expression is much enhanced. Frequently people with Mercury in this position have several occupations, but usually they succeed best in a subordinate capacity.

Mercury in the Eleventh House brings a great many acquaintances among literary, scientific or other mercurial people but none of them are sufficiently steadfast to be relied upon unless Mercury is very well-aspected. This position has a tendency to make a person critical and cynical. It sharpens his intellect, however, and gives him a good flow of language.

Mercury in the Twelfth House, if well aspected gives a mind peculiarly fitted to delve into the mysterious, occult or secret things. This is especially the case if Mercury is between the Sun and Midheaven, that is to say if Mercury goes before the Sun or rises earlier than that luminary, for then all the light that is in the spirit seems to shine forth and make the person intellectually keen and bright. Therefore this is a good position for detective work as well as scientific or occult research work. Chemists of great ability have been produced under this aspect for such people have the faculty of going into the most minute details in things which seem microscopic and unimportant to others. When Mercury is in the Twelfth House and afflicted, especially by Saturn or Mars, also when combust or behind the Sun there is a danger that the mind may become clouded and insanity may result. It may also be noted that the affliction will vary according to the way Mercury is aspected; if by Mars or Uranus the subject may be exceedingly violent, if by Saturn he will become melancholy, but whatever the cause, if Mercury is afflicted in the Twelfth House some form of limitation will restrain the spirit, for the Twelfth House is the house of limitation and confinement.

Deafness is also the result of this position of Mercury when severely afflicted by


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