Mercury In Aspect With The Other Planets

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The Sun in parallel or conjunction with Mercury. These are the only aspects ever formed and are good for the memory and mentality provided Mercury is not closer to the Sun than three degrees, for then he is "combust" and his good qualities are burned up in the Sun's rays. It is most fortunate to have Mercury rise before the Sun at Birth for he is then the Lightbearer who holds the torch of reason before the Spirit which in the horoscope is symbolized by the Sun. When he rises after the Sun the mentality is not nearly so keen (unless other good aspects favor).

Venus parallel, conjunction or sextile to Mercury. Venus and Mercury are never more than 76 degrees apart, therefore they can only form the conjunctions, parallels and sextiles, but not the trine, square nor opposition.

These aspects make the person cheerful and companionable with a good-natured disposition and a desire for society. They also give the ability for music and poetry, especially if in the Ascendant, and are a general indication of success in salesmanship for such people are very suave, affable and persuasive.

The Moon in parallel, conjunction, sextile or trine to Mercury gives a receptive mind and a retentive memory, two very rare qualities and therefore these aspects, particularly the sextile and trine, are good indications of success in life, especially in one of the mercurial occupations, literary, clerical or traveling. People with these configurations are usually very verbose, particularly if the conjunction or trine occurs in airy signs or a sign of voice, for then the power of expression reaches a superlative degree and such people become able linguists and elocutionists; but unless there is some steadying influence people with configurations of Mercury and the Moon are not reliable because of their tendency to change their minds repeatedly in the most unexpected manner. They are inclined to look upon the bright side of life and are fond of pleasure, particularly travel.

The Moon square or opposition to Mercury gives a poor memory and lack of mental stability with a tendency to indecision and worry, liability to brain storms and hysterics. These characteristics make the person unpopular and as the saying is, "unlucky."

Saturn sextile or trine to Mercury acts as a brake upon the flighty mind and gives it a seriousness, depth and concentration which is of inestimable value in life. The forethought and profound reasoning ability indicated by these aspects insure success in whatever vocation the person may pursue. The patient persistence which permits no temporary failure to stand in the way of ultimate success; their caution and diplomacy make such people invincible in the long run. Therefore they generally become prominent in connection with some serious enterprise such as secrete societies, the church or even politics or governmental affairs. They are in demand for high positions in great undertakings where a steady hand is required on the helm. But they do not usually shine in public for they are very quiet, subdued and serious in their manner and demeanor; besides they are absolutely honest and fair-minded, hence they make the very finest judges obtainable.

Saturn conjunction or parallel to Mercury gives depth to the mind, and forethought, together with all the other good qualities enumerated as resulting from the sextile and the trine if Mercury is otherwise well-aspected, but not in so full a measure, or at any rate the person does not seem to be able to externalize them as readily, hence does not meet the same assured success as given by the good aspects. He also suffers from the tendency to melancholy denoted by the square or opposition, especially if the aspect occurs in one of the common signs or in Capricorn, and if in Gemini it interferes sadly with the dexterity. Such people tend to drop everything they take into their hands. These aspects also give an embarrassing timidity and if Mercury is afflicted the undesirable qualities enumerated as resulting from the square or opposition may be looked for.

Saturn square or opposition to Mercury makes the person subject to trouble and delays all through life. He is thwarted on every hand by slander and secret enemies and this condition in time makes him bitter and sarcastic with the additional result that he is shunned by all who can possibly get away from him. This in time leads him to become a recluse who shuts himself away to brood over his troubles. Such a person sometimes becomes subject to melancholia of a most piteous character. These aspects also make the person cunning and untruthful. They give the same desire to study the occult conferred by the good aspects, but there is the great difference that while the good aspects of Saturn and Mercury incline one to the study of occultism from unselfish motives, the bad aspects impel him to ferret out nature's secret for personal power or gain.

Jupiter conjunction, parallel, sextile or trine to Mercury is one of the finest assets in life, for it gives a cheerful, optimistic disposition with the ability to look upon the bright side of things and keep up the spirits in hours of adversity. The mind is broad, versatile, and able to reason correctly and to form a reliable judgment by careful deliberation. These people never give a hasty decision; they require time to think over whatever is presented to them, but once they have reached a conclusion it will be found incontrovertible. They are successful in law or literature and much respected for their honesty and sincerity. These aspects are particularly fortunate for people who travel for business or pleasure, for they will reap both benefit and enjoyment from a migratory mode of life; these aspects make them "healthy, wealthy and wise" beyond the average, and loved by everybody for the vital vibrations they radiate upon whomever they meet.

Jupiter square or opposition to Mercury gives a vacillating and wavering disposition so that the person cannot make up his mind when more than one course of action is open, hence people with these aspects often lose their opportunities through procrastination and lack of judgment, and must therefore often be classed as failures in life. They are liable to scandal and slander because of treacherous associates. They should not travel, for it will bring them loss and trouble. They should also be extremely careful in making contracts or agreements to do or deliver certain things at a specified time, for they will probably be unable to fulfill the requirements and thus trouble and loss will result.

Mars sextile or trine to Mercury gives a keen, sharp, ingenious and resourceful mentality. It makes the person enthusiastic over any proposition which appeals to him and he has also ability to enthuse others and impress them with his views; an indefatigable worker in any cause which arouses his sympathies, but he is not visionary, and is interested only in concrete matters. These people love argument or debate, and they have an inexhaustible fund of wit and good humor, sometimes blended with a vein of sarcasm which always strikes its mark, yet never viciously nor maliciously. They also have remarkable dexterity and are able to turn their hands to whatever task is allotted and do it with a speed, facility and expedition that is astonishing, to say the least. They cannot do anything slowly or by halves,; whatever they undertake must be done with a rush, and they put their whole energy into it so that they may accomplish the task and do it well, hence these aspects give success in life, in almost any line of endeavor these people may select, but most often in literature or the mechanical arts.

Mars conjunction or parallel to Mercury gives the same mental energy, enthusiasm and dexterity as the definitely good aspects, but whether these qualities are used for constructive and good purposes or for destructive and evil ends depends upon the sign, house position and other aspects. If the configuration occurs in a sign where either or both planets are strong and well-placed, as Mars in Aries or Capricorn, or Mercury in Gemini or Virgo, or if they are fortified by good aspects from the Sun, Venus or Jupiter, Mars conjunction or parallel Mercury will operate similarly to the sextile or trine, as stated in the foregoing paragraph, which see. But if Mars and Mercury are in one of the watery signs (Cancer, Scorpio or Pisces), or if either or both are afflicted by Saturn, Uranus or Neptune, the conjunction or parallel of Mars and Mercury will give the same evil tendencies as the square or opposition which are defined in the next paragraph.

Mars square or opposition to Mercury makes people quick-witted, sharp and alert, quick tempered, impulsive and excitable, liable to jump at conclusions and act before they think with the inevitable result that they are always getting themselves or other people into trouble, hence they are dangerous associates. They are born prevaricators and utterly incapable of making a straight statement. It is just as natural for them to color or exaggerate their statements as it is to breathe. They are vitriolic in their wrath and their tongues are more poisonous than the bite of a rattlesnake, hence they are either feared or hated by those who are unfortunate enough to be bound to them by environment; all who can, shun them. They are bullies who are bound either to rule or ruin wherever they are, and they allow no obstacle to stand in their way which can be removed either by force or slander. They are the acme of selfishness, swagger and consummate egotism. The foregoing tendencies may of course be modified by other aspects, but if they are not, such people are a menace to society. If either Mars or Mercury is placed in the Sixth or Twelfth House or in any other position so that the bad aspect acts upon the health, there is a liability to nervous prostration, brain fever or insanity.

Uranus sextile or trine to Mercury gives an original, independent and eccentric mind impatient of the fetters of fashion, tradition and convention. Such a person is strenuous in his efforts to hew a path for himself in complete liberty. Therefore this is the hall-mark of the pioneers in thought and invention, the sign of genius. Their ideas and ideals are exceedingly lofty, progressive and inspiring, in fact too much so in the opinion of the average man or woman who looks upon their actions as vagaries, the outcome of a diseased mind. Nevertheless they have plenty of friends on account of their kindly and sympathetic nature. These aspects are good for a literary or scientific pursuit, also for invention, particularly along lines which have to do with air or electricity.

Uranus conjunction or parallel Mercury. If Mercury is otherwise afflicted the conjunction and parallel are to be judged as bad aspects and read accordingly, but if Mercury is otherwise well placed and aspected the delineation given for the sextile and trine will apply.

Uranus square or opposition to Mercury is the hall-mark of the true crank or anarchist who has extreme ideas in regard to tearing down the social structure and making reforms. People with these configurations are given to ranting and raving in public and their language is usually as cruel as the measures they advocate. Whatever ability they possess is usually turned to erratic purposes and they are often forced to make sudden changes on that account.

Neptune conjunction, parallel, sextile or trine to Mercury gives a mind peculiarly adapted to the occult art, particularly if the conjunction occurs in the Third or Ninth House or the trines are from the watery signs Cancer and Pisces. Such people usually succeed in occult science and often develop a supernormal faculty. They are particularly good as magnetic healers.

Neptune square or opposition to Mercury gives a chaotic mind, liability to lack of memory, indolence and a disposition to dream the time away. There is a restless desire for fame and an inability to fit in anywhere. Such people are liable to fraud, deception and slander, also to commit suicide.


From the Bible we learn that Jehovah made man in His image. We are also told that angels visited Sarah and proclaimed the birth of Isaac. They also foretold the birth of Samson and Samuel and the angel (not archangel) Gabriel came to Mary of Bethlehem to announce the coming birth of Jesus. According to occult science Jehovah and His angels are the guardians of the seed atoms, the basic factors in fertilization. The activities of the angels are directed to the maintenance of plant, animal and human life upon earth. To this end their forces are focused by the wandering Moon through the twelve signs of the zodiac; they impinge upon the fetus in a creative manner during the period of gestation from the time of conception to birth.

Thus as the Moon measures the tides of the earth so also does she measure the soul's passage from the shores of eternity through the waters of the womb to the world of time. According to astrology Cancer is the home of the Moon. The ancient Egyptians pictured this sign as a scarab or beetle which was their emblem of the soul and they called Cancer the sphere of the soul, for it is said that through this moist watery sign fertilized by the lunar ray the seed atoms are projected into the womb of the prospective parent who is thus prepared for the period of gestation; and occult science adds to this that the seed atoms of the animal kingdom, which is still mindless and therefore not amenable to lunar influences in that direction, are projected through the watery martial sign Scorpio while the seed atoms of the inert plants our poured in through the Jupiterian sign Pisces just before the Sun enters Aries at the vernal equinox to awaken the plant seeds sleeping in Mother Earth, which have been fertilized by Pisces. Thus the human family has the longest period of gestation, the animal a somewhat shorter one and the plant the shortest of all.

The Moon also measures the period of postnatal growth so that the period of childhood, measured by the change of teeth is complete at about seven years of age when the Moon is square to her place at birth. The period of puberty is ushered in at about fourteen years of age when the Moon is in opposition to her place at birth and is marked by the change of voice in the boy and the commencement of the menses in the girl. At twenty-one years of age the Moon by progression has traveled three quarters of the circle of the horoscope from its place at birth. This finishes the period of incubation and the human being is considered to be full-grown, capable of exercising a franchise and taking care of his own affairs. Thus the distance traveled by the New Moon during the prenatal period of gestation in the mother's womb and the distance traveled by the progressed Moon during the twenty-one years of post-natal development in the womb of Mother Nature correspond exactly.

The Moon, like Mercury, has no basic nature of its own but serves to focus the qualities of the signs and other planets upon the human mind. She governs the tidal air in the lungs and the colorless lymph in the body, also the digestive activity and the sympathetic nervous system which automatically takes care of the process of digestion. She also governs the cerebellum, the mammae, the feminine functions and parturition as already explained.

People who are strongly under the influence of the lunar rays are of an easygoing, dreamy, indolent nature, adepts as architects of air castles which never materialize or assume concrete shape. They are very sociable and generally easy to get along with. They succeed best as cooks, housekeepers or in some domestic occupation or in one which has to do with liquids or a seafaring life.

The Moon being female indicates the marriage partner for a man so that in a man's horoscope affliction of the Moon would not be so apt to cause trouble in health as in married life and the horoscopes of the two sexes should therefore be read differently with respect to the Sun and Moon. If Saturn afflicts the Moon in a woman's horoscope it will affect her health, but in the same respect to the Sun and Moon. If Saturn afflicts the Moon in a woman's horoscope it will affect her health, but the same aspect occurring in a man's horoscope will cause him trouble in married life. If the Sun is afflicted in a man's horoscope it will affect his health but in a woman's horoscope it would indicate trouble with her husband. At the same time however it should not be forgotten that both the Sun and Moon are vital factors in the health of both sexes but one sex is more affected by the Sun, the other by the Moon.

The Moon is the great time-marker of the universe. Without her our lives would be barren of events for although the Sun and the planets by their travel through the signs and houses indicate the years when certain tendencies shown in the horoscope may culminate in action, it invariably requires an aspect of the Moon to fertilize the aspect and make it bloom into physical manifestation. The Sun and the planets may therefore be likened to the hour-hand on the clock of destiny which shows the year when each phase of our destiny which shows the year when each phase of our destiny is ripe for the harvest and the Moon may be likened to the minute- hand which shows the month when the influences are due to culminate into action.

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