Mars In The Twelve Houses

Mars in the Ascendant, or First House, when well-aspected has a most beneficial influence upon the constitution, particularly if he is in one of the fiery signs, Aries, Leo or Sagittarius, or in the sign of his exaltation Capricorn, but sometimes when a weak sign like Cancer is rising and the other planets are much afflicted Mars in the Ascendant may infuse sufficient energy into the body to tide it over the critical period of infancy. This position also gives energy, ambition, courage, self-reliance and determination which are exceedingly helpful characteristics in winning the battle of life. It indicates an enterprising and practical person who will shun no effort in order to succeed. When Mars is afflicted in the First House he nevertheless strengthens the constitution and gives muscular power and endurance, but he makes such persons rash, impulsive, headstrong and foolhardy. Thus they neglect the ordinary precautions to guard their health and become subject to fevers and other inflammatory diseases, also liable to accidents and loss of blood by lesions of varying magnitude, danger from fire such as burns or scalds, according to the nature of the afflicting planet. In this respect the Sun is usually productive of fevers and inflammations. Jupiter gives liability to broken bones or accident by railroad or rolling stock, Uranus and Saturn falls and bruises and Venus disease caused by indulgence of the passional nature.

Mars in the Second House when well-aspected makes the nature free and generous in financial dealings with others. The person has a splendid earning capacity and will make a financial success in any business or a martial nature involving the use of fire, iron tools or machinery. It is also an indication of money by marriage or legacy, but although the money comes fast and easily, the person will not accumulate wealth as he is very generous and fond of comfort and pleasure. When Mars is afflicted in the Second House money will come just as fast as under the good aspects at times, but at other times the bad aspects make the person outrageously extravagant and inclined to be reckless in financial ventures, with the inevitable result that heavy losses are incurred and the person may find himself without a cent in the world. A competence may be made and spent several times during life. These people never give up, however, and when they have met financial disaster they immediately start to build up anew on the ruins of the old. They are then usually successful for a time again, but they can never learn to be more careful and less extravagant, hence they are always liable to repeated financial shipwreck.

Mars in the Third House when well-aspected makes the mind keen, bright and alert, fond of argument, quick at repartee, ingenious, inventive and resourceful, with plenty of initiative and constructive ability. But when Mars is afflicted in the Third House it gives liability to accidents on short journeys, a quarrelsome nature specially liable to get into trouble with brothers, sisters and neighbors. These people are very critical towards everybody with whom they come in contact and therefore generally feared and avoided when possible.

Mars in the Fourth House when well-aspected gives a strong constitution which is maintained unimpaired even in old age; the digestive faculty is particularly good and consequently the health and strength are rugged. It makes the native exceedingly aggressive in his efforts to "feather his nest" and accumulate property for old age and rainy day. There is also likelihood of a legacy from his parents. This is a very fortunate position, especially if Mars is in Aries, Leo or Capricorn, but if Mars is weak as in Cancer or Pisces and afflicted by square or opposition, digestive troubles or dissipation will undermine the vitality and the person will become more quarrelsome and disagreeable every day he lives. He will be liable to accident by fire in the home also to fevers and inflammatory diseases. People with Mars in this position should leave their native place as quickly as possible. This may in some measure relieve the trouble.

Mars in the Fifth House when well-aspected gives an ardent, demonstrative love-nature. It makes the person fond of athletic exercises, sports and muscular effort, a clean, masterful man much admired by the opposite sex or a woman who is a real "pal" to her male companion. These people make excellent disciplinarians and are much beloved by their pupils if placed in positions as teachers, or better still as principals for they make much better leaders than followers. But when Mars is afflicted in the Fifth House it makes the person very fickle in his affections. It is on with the new love even before he is through with the old, an all-around flirt and therefore likely to get into a great deal of trouble. Over- indulgence of the amorous nature is liable to sap the vitality and create dangerous physical conditions. In a woman's horoscope there is grave danger of death to a child in the horoscope of either sex. People with Mars afflicted in the Fifth House are also liable to loss through gambling and speculation in stocks, bonds and securities.

Mars in the Sixth House when well-aspected makes a quick, energetic worker who is likely to rise to prominent position in the employ of someone else, therefore the larger the firm in which he seeks employment the better. But he should not attempt to start in business for himself, for people with Mars in the Sixth House always succeed better when in the employment of someone else. This position also increases the vitality and should the person on account of other planetary configurations in the horoscope become subject to disease the dynamic energy and recuperative power of Mars will soon burn and leave it in better health than before. But a liability to trouble and quarrels with other employees or employer. Should the person be in the position of employer himself he will always be at a variance with his employees and subject to loss by theft and dishonesty through them. They will waste his goods and have no regard for his interests. An afflicted Mars in the Sixth House also gives a liability to fevers and inflammatory diseases, dangers of burns, scalds and gun-shots and accidents sustained in the course of employment.

Mars in the Seventh House when well-aspected gives a capable, industrious and aggressive marriage partner, untiring in the promotion of the welfare of the family, a strong personality who is bound to rule but will do so in a kindly manner. This applies to both sexes, for when in a man's horoscope the marriage partner is indicated by Mars in the Seventh House she also will be masculine and will want to take the reins of government in her own hands. However, as Mars in the Seventh House gives a tendency to an early union when the parties are both plastic they accommodate themselves to these conditions more easily than if the marriage were consummated at a more mature age. But if Mars is afflicted in the Seventh House it indicates an accident or sudden death to the marriage partner who will be of a domineering, quarrelsome nature and if one of the watery signs, Cancer, Scorpio not Pisces is on the cusp he will also be a drunkard and sex addict. This latter applies particularly if Mars is afflicted in Scorpio. Then he also brings on inflammatory diseases of the genitals or rectum.

Mars in the Eighth House and well-aspected brings financial benefit through the marriage partner or by legacy. In business it is also good for gain by partnerships, lawsuits or similar Eighth House matters. But when Mars is afflicted in the Eighth House the financial conditions grow worse after marriage through the extravagance of the marriage partner. Business partnerships and litigation should also be avoided for they are sure to bring loss. People with Mars in this position should not delay making their will for the end usually comes very sudden and unexpectedly.

Mars in the Ninth House well-aspected gives a liberal, broad and progressive view upon all problems of life. People with Mars in this position are likely to take up some cause having for its object the social or spiritual upliftment of mankind in general and become very enthusiastic workers in the particular cult which has aroused their sympathies. They are fond of a roving life and benefit by changing from one place to another, especially by travel in foreign lands. They have a clean, clear and alert mentality and a taking way or presenting their views to others. Therefore they make good missionaries in whatever line of propaganda they take up. But if Mars is afflicted in the Ninth House he makes people bigoted and fanatical in their views, regular ranters who disgust all whom they try to afflict with their ideas, whether they are religious or atheistic. People with an afflicted Mars here should never travel, but remain in their native place for they will always be in danger of accident on journeys and however much they may be disliked in their native place they will find a still worse reception in foreign parts.

Mars in the Tenth House and well-aspected is one of the best signs of success in life for it gives an ambitious, enthusiastic nature with an inexhaustible fund of energy, so that no matter what obstacles are placed in his way the person is bound to rise to the top. It gives a masterful nature and good executive ability so that the person is well-qualified to conduct business and command others. These people succeed best in Martian occupations where fire, iron or sharp tools are used in a skilled manner, as by engineers or machinists, tailors or surgeons, et cetera. When Mars is afflicted in the Tenth House it gives the same energy and ambition as the good aspects but the person will then lack discrimination and overreach himself with the result that he will incur the enmity of other people who will accomplish his downfall and bring him into disrepute in the community. Thus the life will be filled with strife, struggle and unhappiness until the person has learned to hold himself in leash, regard the rights of others and abandon his autocratic attitude and self-assertion. This position also gives liability to accident and slander.

Mars in the Eleventh House makes people leaders in their particular social set, enthusiastic in the pursuit of pleasure, brings friends among martial and athletic persons; gives energy and enthusiasm for realizing hopes, wishes and aspirations. But if Mars in the Eleventh House is afflicted it makes the person touchy and sensitive towards friends with consequent unpopularity and he is liable to overreach himself in his keen desire to realize his ambitions in life.

Mars in the Twelfth House when well-aspected may bring the person benefit from things denoted by this house, prisons, hospitals and charitable institutions if employed in an official capacity as warden or surgeon; or as administrator of an estate or in detective work. But if Mars is afflicted in the Twelfth House the person is liable to trouble, sorrow and self-undoing all through life. He will incur the enmity of other people and may be confined in prison or an insane asylum. If Cancer or Pisces is on the cusp of the Twelfth House Mars will lead him to drunkenness and dissipation. If Scorpio is on the cusp the vitality will be sapped through sex or self-abuse. In any case Mars afflicted in the Twelfth House makes a social outcast unless there are other redeeming features in the figure.

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