Jupiter In The Twelve Signs

Jupiter in Aries gives a high-spirited, energetic and ambitious mind, always on the lookout and alert for new and progressive methods usable for advancement in the world's work, it makes a true pioneer, neither too conservative not too impulsive, a thoughtful, but sympathetic disposition, sincere, honest and trustworthy, somewhat religiously inclined. It gives some legal of literary ability and a love of out-door games with popularity in social and business circles. But if Jupiter is afflicted the mind is not so conservative and well-balanced. There is a tendency to rash and impulsive acts; impatience and temper are shown under adverse circumstances with a consequent loss of esteem and popularity.

Jupiter in Taurus when well-aspected gives an eminently kind and sympathetic nature to all people but a deep-seated, tender and warm love for those towards whom the relationship warrants such expression. This position also attracts wealth and gives a generous disposition to aid in philanthropic enterprises; yet Jupiter in the Second House or second sign is never lavish or extravagantly generous but rather conservative and inclined to investigate the merits of any proposition before he extends a helping hand. On the other hand he is absolutely open-handed to those who are near and dear to him. His home and his family are all in all. When Jupiter is afflicted in Taurus it inclines to extravagant expenditures for show, display and gratification of the lower nature. Such people are great gourmandizers, fond of rich and savory foods that tickle the palate. They often experience financial difficulties and trouble with creditors, also such sickness as may result from the over-indulgence of their appetites according to other indications of the stars.

Jupiter in Gemini when well-aspected gives literary ability of a high class and if that is backed by the necessary education success in this line in certain. This position also gives an inventive turn to the mind, a love of mathematics and an attraction towards the occult. Jupiter in Gemini shows that travel will bring both pleasure and profit and it gives an honorable, courteous and friendly disposition. But if Jupiter is afflicted the person is liable to meet with losses and trouble when traveling. He will have a number of hair-breadth escapes from accidents, legal and religious trouble, also difficulties with brothers, sisters and close relatives.

Jupiter in Cancer. The full effect of Jupiter for good or ill is never felt until the middle life and this is especially the case when he is placed in the Fourth House or fourth sign, Cancer. When well-placed there he gives an exceedingly kindly and courteous disposition, that is at peace with all the world; he is endowed with a most vivid and fruitful imagination, a dreamer of Utopian dreams and a lover of the occult and mystical. There is also however, a practical side to the nature which makes him ambitious to attain worldly success and fortunate in his investment in houses, lands or mines, so that he will accumulate property and be well-to-do especially after middle life. this position also indicates that the person may receive much help from his parents during life and an inheritance after their death. Jupiter in Cancer makes the person very fond of the pleasures of the table but if well-aspected he will probably keep himself within such bounds that his health does not suffer. If however, Jupiter is afflicted it inclines to inordinate gluttony which will eventually corrupt the blood and cause such disease and noxious growths as result from that condition.

Jupiter in Leo gives a truly noble nature, blending kindness and courage, self-reliance and loyalty, self-restraint and compassion, mercy and justice. It indicates, in short, a paragon of virtues nowhere excelled. It gives an abundance of vitality and a strong constitution so that it marks a leader physically, morally and spiritually, nor will such a person ever be content to follow. He craves positions of trust and responsibility, the greater the better. He will always be equal to the occasion and never abuse the confidence of those who have placed him there. Such people have an innate culture and refinement. They are fond of everything that tends to the uplift of humanity, religious, sincere; sure to win recognition and success dealing in speculative investments. When Jupiter is afflicted in Leo the person becomes cruel and sensuous, abnormally fond of pleasure and subject to loss by investments, speculation and gambling.

Jupiter in Virgo gives a cautious, analytical and practical nature with an almost unerring faculty for discriminating between the seeming and the real, for sifting truth from error and arriving at facts. They cannot ferret out secrets by underhanded methods as Saturn in Capricorn which makes an ideal detective, but if Jupiter in Virgo is the judge no one is clever enough to hide the truth from him. A well-aspected Jupiter in Virgo indicates success with servants who will be found faithful and loyal, ready to do their master's bidding. It also indicates prosperity through business or professional vocations; but if Jupiter is afflicted in Virgo it gives a cynical carping and critical disposition, mistrustful of others and therefore liable to loss through servants or employees. Such people cannot succeed in business and they will find it extremely difficult to obtain or keep a position. At any rate they will serve in a very inferior capacity.

Jupiter in Libra when well-aspected gives a kind, sympathetic and loving disposition, a conscientious, sociable and benevolent nature and an interest in all that makes for the uplift of humanity--music, art, literature, social intercourse, et cetera. On that account the person is popular, particularly with the opposite sex from whence gain and benefit may be expected. Success in the business and public life are shown. But if Jupiter is afflicted in Libra undue indulgence of the lower nature will bring trouble and public scandal with a consequent loss of popularity and prestige.

Jupiter in Scorpio gives an ardent, aggressive and self-reliant nature, an enthusiastic, constructive and resourceful mind with the ability to meet all the exigencies of life in an efficient manner and it ensures success in practical everyday occupations, gives a large family and plenty of means to provide for them. This position also shows a tendency towards occult investigations. But if Jupiter is afflicted in Scorpio it will bring loss and trouble through the indulgence of the lower nature in an inordinate measure, love of rich an expensive good and sickness on that account.

Jupiter in Sagittarius when well-aspected gives good fortune and general success in life, a humane, broad and philosophical mind, a reverent and religious disposition. Hence people with this position rise to the top and become leaders in their various spheres of life, finding places of prominence in church or state, scientific or philosophic enterprises or institutions. If Jupiter is afflicted in Sagittarius it makes the person sporty, fond of cheap and gaudy display, extravagant and ready to take a chance on any gamble, causes loss of social standing if born in a better environment, trouble through law, financial difficulties, narrow-minded sectarian views if incline to be religious.

Jupiter in Capricorn gives an ambitious nature, self-reliant and self-controlled with a desire to rise to a position of authority over others also the ability to dictate wisely and well. It gives a careful, economical disposition, and an abhorrence of waste; ingenuity, resourcefulness and some mechanical ability. These people are trust-worthy to a degree, sincere and honest in all their undertakings and hold every promise inviolate, therefore they usually rise to honor, esteem and general popularity. As already said their aim is to attain independence at the head of some business, but if they do not succeed in that and have to work for others they are best suited to be in the employ of the government, either municipal or national. On account of the implicit trust generated by their sterling characteristics of honesty, sincerity and faithfulness these people are often made the recipients of confidence from friends who feel the need of sharing their troubles with someone who can be depended upon either to give honest, disinterested advice or else to keep the secrets told then inviolate. If Jupiter is afflicted in Capricorn it makes a miser who will hoard all he can scrape together and deny himself all except the barest necessities and is consequently despised by all who know him.

Jupiter in Aquarius when well-aspected gives a humane, optimistic, original and philosophic mind, fond of friends and the society of others particularly those who are interested in science or mysticism, literature and music, consequently he attracts people of that nature and they will be a benefit to him in helping him to realize his hopes, wishes and ambitions. He may possibly obtain a position of importance in some official capacity with secret or occult societies. This is a good indication of general success in life, but if Jupiter is afflicted it makes the nature restless, nervous and erratic with revolutionary or anarchistic ideas with disinclination for serious work and such people are generally disliked and distrusted.

Jupiter in Pisces gives a charitable, sympathetic and hospitable nature which loves to minister to the outcasts of society. These people are veritable angels of mercy to all who suffer in body, soul or spirit. They are well known to those who are "sick of in prison." Being of a sensitive nature and subject to the influences from the invisible world they not infrequently have psychic experiences and become students of the occult. They love music, art and literature and if well-aspected by Venus, Jupiter in Pisces will give considerable ability as a performer; but if Jupiter is afflicted in Pisces it gives a vacillating mind, a nerveless, cowardly nature indulging in all vices in the calendar and a generally despicable disposition--a social parasite.

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