See article on 'Houses' before reading this. In the article on 'Houses,' it is stated that owing to the spherical shape of the earth and the inclination of the earth's axis, some of the mundane houses in the higher Northern latitudes are only twelve or fifteen degrees, while others are forty, fifty, or sixty degrees long. But the signs of the Zodiac are only thirty degrees, and it therefore follows that in cases where a mundane house is very long, one or even two whole signs may be included within its cusps. In the horoscope of Erman C. born January 25th, 1912 at 3 A.M. in Ogden, IA, we find 24 degrees of Sagittarius on the second cusp, and Aquarius 11 on the third. Thus the second house is forty-seven degrees long, including the whole sign Capricorn with he planets Mercury and Uranus, and an astrologer would describe the situation by saying that Capricorn is 'intercepted' in the second house. When he speaks of the planets in this intercepted sign he says that Mercury and Uranus are intercepted in Capricorn in the second house.

When a sign is intercepted in a house, the opposite sign is also intercepted in the opposite house; consequently we find Cancer intercepted in the eighth house with Neptune in it.

Regarding the influence of interception, we find that when a planet is in an intercepted sign its influence is held in abeyance or latency until by progression it moves out of the intercepted sign. This tendency may be somewhat modified by a strong aspect, or a number of minor or weak ones, but an intercepted planet never has the same power over the life as one that is free.

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