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It sometimes happens that a momentary mental aberration causes even the best of mathematicians to make a mistake in his figures and if an error occurs when casting a horoscope an immense amount of labor may be wasted before it is discovered. There is an easy method of verifying the figure in the main points by a glance at the position of the Sun. The cautious astrologer never neglects to make use of this method, and we would specially recommend it to beginners who are naturally more prone to miscalculate that those who have long experience.

When you have calculated the place of the Sun and entered it in its proper house and sign, note at once if its position coincides with its actual place in the sky at the time of day when the child was born. If the birth occurred about sunrise, the Sun must be near the ascendant; if in the middle of the forenoon the Sun should be somewhere in the eleventh house, if near noon the Sun will be found near the Midheaven in a correctly cast horoscope, and in the middle of the afternoon it is in the eighth house. A child born near sunset has its sun close to the cusp between the sixth and seventh houses, and if the birth occurs about 9 p.m., the Sun will be in or near the fifth house. When birth is at midnight the Sun is near the nadir, and a child born about 3 o'clock in the morning has the Sun in or near the second house.

If you find that the Sun is in its proper position relative to the houses, you may confidently proceed with your calculations and place the other planets. If not, you have made a mistake which must be corrected before you go further.

When someone hands you a horoscope calculated by another astrologer and asks you to read it, look first at the time of birth and then see if the Sun is in its proper position relative to the houses, and the right sign as determined by the month, for if you start to read from an improperly cast horoscope you lay yourself liable to ridicule. Suppose Saturn were on the ascendant and you accuse that person of being melancholy; when he denies the indications and you discover that Mars and Mercury should be there in Scorpio, it is not probably that he will accept your explanations; he will more likely sneer at astrology and astrologers; nor can we deny that from his point of view such condemnation is justified. Therefore be careful to look at the Sun. Other mistakes may occur, but that is the most serious and the most easily detected.

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