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The Lord of the Ascendant, planets in the First House, if any, and the Moon represent the inquirer. Determine next by what House the thing asked about is ruled, then consider whether the Lord of that House is favorably aspected with the Lord of the Ascendant, the planets in the First House, and the Moon. If so, the matter will come to a favorable conclusion, but if these significators are aspected by square or opposition, the matter will come to naught.

But if someone else comes to you with a proposition, and you set up a figure to aid you in forming an idea of what to do, be sure to remember that he is the prime mover in the matter, and that therefore the Moon, Ascendant and First House are his significators, while you are represented by the seventh house and its lord. It does not matter that you ask the question, the proposition that you ask about is his; and lack of this knowledge has been a stumbling block to many who have given a wrong judgment on that account.

The things signified by the Houses are briefly as follows:

First House: Matters of an intimate personal nature. Second House: Financial gain.

Third House: Matters concerning brothers and sisters, short journeys.

Fourth House: Houses and lands, patrimony and removals.

Fifth House: Children, messengers and newspapers.

Sixth House: Servants and disease.

Seventh House: Marriage, partnership, law-suits.

Eighth House: Legacies.

Ninth House: Travel, mental state and capacity. Tenth House: Social standing. Eleventh House: Friends, hopes and wishes. Twelfth House: Enemies and trouble.

The planets which aspect your significators favorably show whence you may find help to obtain your wish, and the planets which afflict your stars indicate what hinders, and by blending these augurs you may know what to expect and how to proceed. Study these rules carefully and pay strict attention to them, then you will know how to answer all questions that may be asked.

Horary Astrology may also be used to select a favorable time for commencing an important undertaking, for the starting point of an enterprise is its birth, and the influences then governing will be powerful determinators of success or failure. It is said that the Royal Astronomer who laid the corner-stone for the Observatory at Greenwich used this method, and that has certainly been a very useful and successful institution.

To thus select a time for an undertaking is called "making an election." Horizon:

The birthplace is, in Astrology, always considered the highest point on earth, and the principal circle seem from there is the horizon. This is either sensible or rational.

The sensible horizon is the circle which bounds our view, where heaven and earth seem to meet.

The rational horizon is below the sensible horizon, in the plane of the earth's center.

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