Different Methods Of Progression And The Reason For Them

Besides the physical world in which we live, move and have our being at the present time, where sunshine and rain, storm and snow, heat and cold affect our physical being in various ways, a world of finer substance permeates the denser matter, and the forces indigenous to that realm impinge upon our souls, as feelings, desires and emotions, because the soul is clothed in substance from that world. Mystics therefore call this realm in nature the Desire World. A still more subtle substance, an ocean of Thought, pervades both the Desire World and the Physical World, and as the mind is composed of substance from that region, it senses the waves of thought generated by other spirits endowed with mind.

Here in the physical world, Time and Space are prime factors of existence, but in the Desire World distance is practically eliminated because spirits having dropped the mortal coil travel with the speed of lightning, and as spiritual sight pierces the densest substance, light there is never obscured, so there is no night, neither does heat and cold affect the soul, hence there is no seasonal division either, to mark time as definitely as in the physical world. But nevertheless, there is a certain sequence of events. In soulflights from place to place on the globe, we sense the nature of intervening country in spite of speed, but in the World of Thought, to think of a place, is to be there instanter, neither is there past or future; events are not separated by time, or places by space, but all is one eternal here and now.

As the science of Astrology is founded in cosmic fact, there are also three stages in progression from incipient events in the World of Thought, to accomplished facts in the Physical World, and there are two methods of horoscopic progression pertaining to the finer realms besides the actual movement of planets observable in the Heavens.

Suppose a pole billions of miles long stuck into the earth at the Equator, and at right angles to the poles, then, as the earth turns upon its axis, the end of the pole would describe a circle in the heavens; this the Astronomers call the "Celestial Equator," and the position of a heavenly body on this line is measured in degrees and minutes of "Right Ascension," from the point where the sun crosses the equator at the vernal equinox. This axial rotation of the earth brings a new degree to the zenith, or Meridian about every four minutes, and by the rules of one system of progression we may calculate how many degrees of Right Ascension come to the Meridian position from birth to the formation of a certain aspect. The intervening degrees are then converted to time at the rate of 1 degree equals 1 year.

The other system of progression is founded upon the orbital revolution of the earth, but in this system the positions of the planets are expressed in degrees of Longitude and measured on the ecliptic or Sun's path, from Aries 0 degrees to Pisces 29. The measure of time is the same as in the system first mentioned: 1 degree equals 1 year, but there is this important difference, that while the earth takes only 4 minutes to turn 1 degree upon it axis, it requires 24 hours to move 1 degree in its orbit.

Thus, by one system of progression all the aspects that govern events in a life of 60 years would be formed in 60 times 4 minutes, which equals 4 hours or one-sixth part of a day.

By the other system, formation of aspects for the same period of life would require 60 days, or 2 months, or one-sixth part of a year.

Thus coming events cast their shadows before, but the shadows varies in length according to the exaltation of the sphere of life whence it is cast.

From the sublime height of the World of Thought, where all things have their inception in the eternal, the progression of events in a life are silhouetted upon the screen of Time while the infant is still upon the threshold of birth, but the shadow is so short, 1-360 part of a day being equivalent to a year, that an error of 4 minutes in the given time of birth would throw predictions out a whole year. Few people know their birth hour to the minute, therefore this systems of progression is of little use and little used.

Shadows of events projected from the denser Desire World are longer and more definite; it does not require great delicacy or precision to calculate progression at the rate of 1-360 part of a year equal to 1 year. By this method an error of 2 hours in the given time of birth would only cause an error of 1 month in predictions; this system therefore gives universal satisfaction, and is most commonly used. In the following pages we shall explain a simplified method of this system of prediction, whereby mathematical calculation of events for a whole life may be performed in a few minutes by any intelligent child who can add and subtract.

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