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Pisces is to be placed on the 10th cusp, as done in the accompanying horoscope.

In the next column, in line with our sidereal time, we see the figure 20, at the top is the sign Aries, above that the figure 11, meaning that 20 degrees of Aries is to be placed on the 11th cusp.

In the third column, in line with our sidereal time, is the figure 1. Taurus and 12 are at the head of the column but beneath that is Gemini signifying that 1 degree of Gemini is to be placed on the 12th cusp.

The wide column marked Ascendant comes next. There we find the figures 8:10 in line with our sidereal time, and the sign Gemini at the top, but we disregard that sign because the sign Cancer is placed between our line and the top and we always take the first sign above our line. Therefore we place Cancer 8:10 on the Ascendant.

Proceeding along the figures in our line we note the figure 27 in the first column to the right of the wide column. At the top is the sign Cancer again and the figure 2. Accordingly we place the 27th degree of Cancer on the cusp of the Second House.

In the extreme right hand column we find the figure 19, the sign Leo and the figure 3 at the top of the column. Therefore we place the 19th degree of Leo on the Third Cusp.

We have thus obtained figures for six of our houses, the six opposite houses are given the opposite signs and degrees.

Having Pisces 15 on the Tenth House, we place the opposite degree Virgo 15 on the Fourth Cusp, which is opposite the Tenth.

Aries 20 on the Eleventh House is the opposite of Libra 20 placed on the Fifth Cusp.

Sagittarius 1 placed on the Sixth Cusp forms an exact opposite to Gemini 1 on the Twelfth House.

The Ascendant is opposite the Seventh Cusp and Capricorn 8:10 placed there is the opposite of Cancer 8:10 on the Ascendant.

Cancer 27 on the Second House will be properly opposed by Capricorn 27 on the Eighth House, and Aquarius 19 placed on the Ninth is in opposition to Leo 19 on the Third.

Now all the cusps are filled, but on account of the inclination of the earth's axis some of the signs may be intercepted between two cusps, therefore it is necessary to see if all the twelve signs are in our horoscope before proceeding further. Counting from Aries, we note the presence of Gemini. Taurus is missing, and we therefore place it in its proper position between Aries and Gemini.

When a certain sign is intercepted, its opposite also will be missing. We may, therefore, at once place Scorpio in its proper position between Libra and Sagittarius.

It will now be found that all the twelve signs are placed in our horoscope, Cancer and Capricorn each occupying two cusps. It is finished as far as placing the signs in their proper positions relative to the houses, and that is as far as we will proceed at the present time, so we will leave this horoscope and calculate one for a person born six hours later in the same place: Chicago, August 2, 8.15 A.M.

We first have to find the True Local Time of Birth. As before, we add eight minutes to the time shown by the clock, namely 8:15 A.M. This gives us 8:23 A.M. which is the True Local Time of Birth.

Our rule for finding the Sidereal Time at the birth hour and place requires that we note the--

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