Virgo 05 52

Deg. Min. Leo 09 22 Leo 07 17 02 05 1.0614 .3912 1.4526 Deg. Min. Leo 09 22

00 51 Leo 08 31

Value of logarithm 1.4526 (increment of correction) 0 degrees, 51 minutes. Longitude of Mercury on noon nearest G.M.T. (Aug. 3):

Minus increment of correction: Longitude of Mercury to be entered in horoscope:

The position of the Dragon's Head or Moon's Node, and the Dragon's Tail, have also to be found. The Dragon's Head for Aug 3rd, the noon nearest the G.M.T., is found in the ephemeris to be in 13:44 Gemini. The Dragon's Tail occupies the opposite point of 13:44 Sagittarius.

It now remains to calculate the Part of Fortune, and we note the factors in that problem as being:

Ascendant, the 12th sign: Longitude of Sun, the 5th sign: Longitude of Moon, the 11th sign:

Deg. Min. Pisces 07 08 Leo 10 05 Aquarius 26 40

We proceed according to the rule given:

Longitude of Ascendant: Longitude of Moon:


Longitude of Sun:

Subtract the circle of 12 signs:

Longitude of the Part of Fortune:

11 26 40 24 03 48

05 10 05 18 23 43

12 00 00

06 23 43 Virgo 23 43

We will now make a list of the planets as corrected for insertion in the horoscope:

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