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The 7 Day Psychic Development Course Summary

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Psychic Ability

Mandalas For Math

Whether you call it extrasensory perception, clairvoyance, a sixth sense, or plain old intuition, psychic ability isn't as rare as you might think. Here's how to find it 1 By sign Pisces, Scorpio, and Cancer bolster psychic ability. Sagittarius can also foster a tendency in that direction. A classic illustration of psychic ability gone wild is the renowned healer Edgar Cayce, who worked as a psychic diagnostician (his term) by entering a trance and suggesting cures for clients he had never even met. His chart (Figure 19-5) showed all the indications of psychic ability. He had the Sun and three planets in Pisces, three planets in the eighth house, a Moon Neptune conjunction in the tenth house, and Uranus rising.

Positive Sides Of Rahu And Ketu

In the spiritual realm Rahu can give psychic powers, mediumship capacity, but also danger from drugs, danger of possession and danger from black magic. Ketu gives perception, liberation, wisdom, psychic sensitivity in a more genuine way but can give a too limiting critical view of things that gets us stuck in some corner of our minds.

Factors Toning Each Planetary Principle

Each planet represents a specific dimension of experience, and that dimension of experience is toned or colored by a myriad of factors. In other words, how will each dimension of experience (shown by the planets) be toned or colored in your life When you begin to examine all the factors toning each planet, so many things must be taken into account that, in fact, you have to use considerable psychic energy to begin to feel them all at once. The analytical mind simply can't cope with such a variety and quantity of variables all at once, each of them having an effect in a slightly different degree.

Meaning And Usage Of Harmonic Charts

This is said traditionally to be the chart of mental or meditational achievements, including the siddhis or psychic powers. In the higher sense this is the chart of spiritual knowledge and shows the spiritual development of the soul from past lives. It shows our capacity for and development of the yoga of knowledge (jnana yoga). It is the most important harmonic chart for ascertainment of spiritual nature and the potential for enlightenment. Strong planets here have enhanced psychic and spiritual capacities for greater perception, skill and awareness.

Introduction To Esoteric Astrology

Prom the above it should be apparent thai Blavatsky assigns a very powerful position to Virgo. By proper knowledge of how to use these powers it is possible for Virgo-ascendants to have tremendous psychic powers. By developing them they can acquire enormous power for themselves, or they can even subjugate others to their own will. This also enables these individuals to be very efficient mediums for contacting the denizens of the other world.

The Planets through the Houses

M ERCU RY this placing adds investigative powers to the mind here are the sleuths and researchers of the zodiac. sometimes psychic powers are evident, as is a rich sexual and fantasy life, but there is a tendency towards brooding and moodiness. expression of sexuality, and lovemaking will be considered fun and not taken too seriously. S AT U R N here is a placing that adds the powers of concentration and determination. there is a responsible attitude towards finances, and a career in banking is likely. possible sexual problems may need resolving. URANUS this is not a good placing financially, as the attitude can be uncaring. there is need for a lively sex life with partners who enjoy experimentation. If there are sexual problems they will be self-analysed, but often remain unresolved. NEPTUNE this is a meaningful placing for those with Neptune in scorpio. It will enhance their emotions, encouraging a rich and rewarding sex life. But it will also increase the temptation to escape...

Jupiter through the zodiac

The traditional ruler of Pisces will contribute a philosophical outlook with strong spiritual beliefs, whether associated with an accepted religion or New Age concepts. There is a very great deal of intuition which, while these individuals must listen to it, must be balanced with logic and common sense to prevent emotions being over-dramatically expressed. There is a compassionate spirit and tremendously sympathetic and caring rapport with other people. There are those who have genuine psychic powers it is essential that they work with someone experienced in these disciplines to prevent negativity or misguided use.

Procedural Steps For Delineation Of A Progression

The Water Signs are signs of heavy emotion, psychic power, and the soul development. It is of no small consequence that both Gemini and Cancer commence their respective triplicities. The emotion that is Cancer essentially concerns the domestic sphere of life. An atmosphere of tranquility permeating the home life is of paramount importance for the Cancerian person. Any domestic problems will upset the emotional balance, and incite corresponding anxiety and worry. He is a very delicate person and the slightest problem can incite his emotions to a dangerous level of instability.

Becoming an Astrologer

Phonics Worksheet

Becoming a skilled astrologer has nothing to do with psychic ability. Astrology is an accumulated body of knowledge not the mystic ability to intercept messages from the spirit world. Anyone can learn it. But you're more likely to be interested if you have some of the following in your chart

Edgar Cayce On The Soul

Whether a gift, a talent, or just a psychic ability, one figure that stands out in occult science is Edgar Cayce. The 'Sleeping Prophet', as he is called, was a medical diagnostician, a prophet, and a devoted student of bible lore. He left over 14,000 documented records of clairvoyant statements he had given for more than six thousand people over a period of forty-three years. Through self-induced trance-sleep he cured people he had never seen, and answered metaphysical questions that he, at first, could hardly believe in the waking state.

The Second Six Houses

This is the house of seclusion and escapism. This house shows how we cope with being alone and what work we can do behind the scenes . Here hospitals, retreats, and prisons are accentuated, as is the need for peace and quiet, whatever that means to each individual. A sense of vocation or psychic ability can be present.

Selfconfident Capable

Scorpio's self-confidence is heightened by her psychic powers. She relies on them though our culture represses psychic gifts, she tends to be clairaudient, telepathic, and perhaps also clairvoyant. She sizes people up quickly and accurately, and she can wait to act as her judgment dictates.

Basic Structure And Dynamics Of The Psyche

The archetypes are unique in that they can power-up, so-to-speak. Jung uses the term libido for psychic energy, and when an archetype 'revs-up' it takes on numinosity, and in some cases, luminosity. Jung uses these terms to describe the aura of great light and warmth that is attached to the archetypes when they become manifest in a strong human experience. When a numinous psychic event takes place, a large concentration of psychic energy centers around it. As energy constellates around the archetypal symbol a complex of psychic contents takes form.

Neptune As Ruling Planet

When the mediumistic, neurotic and self-indulgent afflicted Neptune is life ruler, the persons are of a dreamy, neurotic and negative nature, apt to become the medium of disembodied spirits or even obsessed by them. They are likely to evolve psychic powers of a low grade such as involuntary clairvoyance, crystal gazing, etc., and if they are unable to develop these faculties they often simulate mediumship and other psychic gifts for the purpose of duping or defrauding others. They have a strong faculty of imitation and easily become adepts at deception.

The Element Of Water

The three Water Signs are Cancer, Scorpio, and Places. The Water Signs, like water, impart the ability to flow smoothly, or possibly with tremendous strength depending on the nature of the terrain, or the wind. The water element is sometimes noted for grace, or power. The Water Signs are signs of heavy emotion, psychic power, and soul development. The Water triplicity commences with the Cardinal Sign Cancer, hence, emotion is the keyword. In Cancer the emotion essentially concerns the domestic side of life, in Scorpio it is directed towards partner and in Pisces the emotional of the element is directed towards all people particularly those in distress. In Cancer this emotion provides the home with all its intricate needs. In Scorpio this emotion results in a strong desire to probe life itself and it may also express itself in spiritual longings.

Neptune In The Twelve Signs

Neptune in Cancer, when well aspected, gives an intuitive, sympathetic and lovable nature quick to understand the sorrows and joys of others and ready to feel for them or with them. Hence these people are generally very much liked, both in the home and in their immediate circle of acquaintances. This position also brings them in touch with the finer forces of nature and enables them to cultivate such spiritual faculties as psychometry and a species of intuition whereby they can get in touch with whomsoever or whatsoever they wish for the help and benefit of others. They are very versatile in the spiritual direction and may reach great heights by devotion, which is strongly expressed in them. But when Neptune is afflicted in Cancer it gives a very self-indulgent disposition which generally exerts a baneful influence in the home, perhaps more by innuendo than by direct malicious expression. This position also gives peculiar tastes and appetites which are apt to cause great trouble to...

Aspects To The Moon

This represents the individual who is able to take changes and situations that life has to offer and use them beneficially. The native is sensitive and many times is gifted with great psychic ability. Unlike the conjunction, the sextile and brine to Pluto enables the person to separate the wheat from the chaff. The depressions that come with Moon-Pluto combinations are more easily discarded. This individual can sway others subtly because of his psychic understanding of the needs of others. He gathers knowledge and stores it like a sponge, but must guard against a lack of objectivity. He is many times considered lucky and has within his reach the possibility of a deeply rewarding emotional life.

Dark Matter

There has to be a mechanism by which Mind perpetuates itself in a system designed for that purpose. How this works comes out of the esoteric realm and is mystical in origin but physical in structure. That structure is becoming known through the laws of physics. What determines the shape of the universe, which also determines its outcome, is dependent on the role Mind plays as it shapes reality. Mind takes the form I've defined as M-Force, M-Flux, M-Field, and M-Factor. In the beginning primordial or ontological Mind gave birth to the universe (M-Force), and was empty of everything but itself over time it eventually stirred and gathered as M-Flux, or Dark Matter. Through the attractive force of gravity, and the formation of simple particles, stars of massive size, but brute M-Fields, began forming. It took a very long time for evolving stars to become sentient enough to acquire M-Fields capable of generating life. With life taking hold (M-Factor) the universe reached a point of...

The Power Of Numbers

Marriage, interlacing, a link, connection. Reciprocal action, counterpoise. The interaction of the spiritual and material, the mental and the physical in man, the psyche, psychology, divination, communion, sympathy. Psychism, telepathy, psychometry.

Ascendant Cancer

With Midheaven signs Cancer Engineering, chef, bartender, medical profession. Psychic ability, but needs training. Leo Strong desire to make money with excellent, shrewd business sense. Needs business partner will show off. Virgo Relationship counsellor, gardener, teacher, occupational therapist.

The Element Fire

The element fire refers to a universal radiant energy, an energy which is excitable, enthusiastic, and which through its light brings color into the world. This element has been correlated with the dynamic core of psychic energy by C.G. Jung, that energy which flows spontaneously in an inspired, self-motivated way. Marc Edmund Jones equates fire with experience centered in personal identity, and this explains why people with the fire signs dominant in their charts are so self-centered and usually rather impersonal. They feel themselves to be channels for life and they cannot easily hide their pride about this fact.

The Goat Woman

Danielle has been blessed with a vivid imagination. Her portrait sketches look so realistic one would swear they could talk. She has a profoundly artistic and poetic soul. Possessing pronounced psychic ability, Danielle daydreams a lot, and she is an incurable romantic at heart. Danielle has struggled with her body image all of her life. She belongs unmistakably to the Rubenesque, well-curved, endomorphic group of women. She hates to sweat, and a regular exercise routine is torture for her. She prefers to spend her time relaxing, drawing, listening to music, or visiting with friends.

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