Chap Vi

Of the Houfesy Antifcions, Friend-jhip, and Enmity , and of the Orbs and Latitude of the Seven Planets.

THe Seven Planets by experience are found to delight in (bme of the Twelve Signes more than in others, as being more agreable to their nature 5 and therefore they are termed their Houfes, becaufe they are more fortunately placed therein, than in the reft of the Signes. Each of the Seven Planets, except Sol and Luna, have two of the Signes allowed for their Houf?s : As to Saturn , Capricorn and Aquarius } tp Jupiter, Sagittary and Pijcesj to Murs, Aries and Scorpio 3 to Sol, Leo yt&Jfenus, Taurus and Librae to


Fra&ical Aftrologie.

Mercury, Gemini and Virgo ^ to Luna, Cancer : and in thefe Signes they are the beft fortified.

But although all the Planets except the Luminaries have two Signes allowed them for their Houfes, yet they are found to take more delight in one of the Houfes than in the other 3 viz. Saturn delights moft in Aquarius, Jupiter in Sagittary, Mart delights moft in Scorpio, Venus delights moft in Taurus , and Mercury delights moft in Virgo. TheArtift ought chiefly to underftand the Houfes of the Planets, their Characters, and the Gha-ra&ers of the Signes,before he proceed to any Judgement3 to which I leave him, and proceed to the Antifcions and Con-tranfcions of the Planets.

Of the Antifcions and Contrantifcions of the Planets.

The Antifcions of the Planets are no more than when two Planets are equally diftant from the firft of either of the two Tropical fignes Cancer or Capricorn ; As fuppofe Saturn in the 10th degree of Taurus, and Jupiter in the 20th degree of Leo $ here Saturn cafts his Antifcion to E 3 Jupiter,

F radical Aftrohgie.

Jupiter, they being both equally diftant tcom the firft Pun&um of Cancer: the Counterantiicions are found by the op-pofite fignes and degrees : the Antiicions are allowed to be of the nature of Sextile or trine Afpe&s : the Contjrantifcions of the Planets are equivalent to a Quadrate or Oppofttion. Bv»t that the Learner may finde them with more eafe, be pleafed to confider the following Table.

A table of the Antifcions in Signes, rs H

The Antifciom Jw VK Planet» in of the V K( Signes.


Here you may fee, a Planet in Cancer iènd6 hi9 Antiicion to Gemini * in Leo9 to tauruây and foofthe reft ofthefignes. A Planet in Leo (ends his Gontrantiicion to Aqttaries, that being the oppofite ligne to Leo. And to finde thé degree and minute, you arfi to fubftraft the degree and minute your Planet is in from 30, and the remainder (hall (hew the degree and minute of Antiicion : or you may Hnow by the following Table.

F radical Aflro logic.

A table fhewing the Antifcion in Degrees and Minutes.


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